COVID test after vaccination

If you’re tested for COVID after you’ve been vaccinated (and given enough time for the vaccine to kick in), would the test show that you’ve been vaccinated? Would the test result be any different than someone who’s actually had COVID?

I think most ordinary covid tests detect the DNA of the virus, not antibodies. So a typical covid test will detect if you are currently infected with the virus, not whether you have been infected but have recovered, or have been vaccinated.

Antibody tests are available. I don’t know if there’s any difference in the results based on how the person came by their immunity.

eschrodinger has the right of it, the nasal swab tests for virus, NOT antibodies.

I get tested for the virus every two weeks, due to the nature of my work. I did get antibody tested (via a blood draw) prior to vaccination to see if I’d had an asymptomatic case, given my high degree of exposure to the virus (nearly 900 of my patients had tested positive by that time) and was antibody free. I am curious to see if I ever do come up positive for the virus now that I’m as immune as I’ll get.

However, as a doctor told me: an antibody test would not be able to tell you if you’ve had Covid once you’ve been vaccinated.

There also is only a certain window during which antibodies are detectable after infection, so it might not even tell you if you’ve been infected, if the infection was a while ago.

most studies indicate they last up to 6 to 8 months after an infection. though if the infection was mild, and the body shut it down quickly, specific covid antibodies might not be seen at all. Still lots of unknowns in this area.

So, you done good!