How long can I expect to continue to test positive?

I tested positive for Covid with symptoms resembling a cold, and then tested positive again 8 days later with no symptoms remaining. How long before I can expect to be free of the virus and test negative again?

As a point of reference, I have had two initial doses of vaccine and two boosters.

Just one data point - I tested positive for the first time a week ago Thursday 6/9/22. I had cold symptoms for a few days prior to that, and had tested negative on the prior Tuesday 6/7/22.

I tested negative this past Thursday 6/16/22. So, for me it was seven days. I am up to date on vaccine and boosters.

Which type of test? It makes a difference.

It can be pretty variable, but as a point of reference, at my hospital we don’t re-test any patients who have had a positive test within the last 90 days.

A (I hope) small hijack if I may …

I have been triple vaxxed w Moderna and AFAIK never have had COVID. I’ve certainly never tested positive while (mildly) ill with something respiratory now and again since COVID began.

Is there an affordable practical sensible test to determine if I ever did have it? A test which can distinguish between prior vaccination and prior infection?

Based on my family’s experience and other people I’ve spoken to 10-14 days seems typical (for vaccinated+boosted adults)