Cow ownership in India

I’m having a discussion with a friend of mine. He thinks that the cows wandering the streets of India aren’t owned by anyone, but I’ve always been under the impression that the wandering cows have definite owners. The ownership may be somewhat communal (say owned by a city block or a couple of families), but they are definitely owned by someone, and everyone in the area will know who owns specific cows. However, upon thinking about this, I might have heard this from my relatives, rather than reading it somewhere, so I’m trying to find out better information. My google-fu isn’t working, so does anyone here know?

Communal ownership ? No.

Family ownership ? yes . Individual ownership ? yes .

MOstly you can see this in north Indian cities,where cows are revered.When these cows give birth , the owners will appear and take custody, because the milk will earn them good money .Till then feeding is someone else’s problem !

Good to see that goverment is acting tough on these owners , by asking them to pay up a hefty fine if they want cows released back to them.

In some rare cases, there could be no owner of a cow wandering the streets !

Ah, ok. So the cows have definite owners. Thanks for the answer.