cowards of the sdmb

Ok I posted this.

Screw em. And I mean all of em.

To all the panty waist who say, “but we don’t know who did it”

Yea we know. We’ve known for a long time.

They’re the terrorists, we not only know who they are, we know where they live. We know the governments that shelter them.

Until yesterday we paid them little mind.

But yesterday they entered our home. Yesterday they violated our family.

We should treat them like the bandits that they are.

This is not the time for used up phrases like “cowardly attack”, or “dispicacable action”. It is not a time for “measured” or “calculated” response.

This time they entered the lions den.

This is a time for blind rage. We should strike out with all our avalible fury. Not only destroying those that did this unspeakable horror. But all those who would contemplate it.

The key to wiping out this threat is not appeasment. It is the destruction of our enemies.


Posted this,

Ah, I fear that you have assumed that the response will be limited to tossing a few cruise missiles in the general direction of whoever we rashly assume is responsible, and then going back to sleep.

We (at least I, and suspect a few more on this list) are talking about a destruction and restructuring of cultures and societies on a level at least equal, and probably greater, than what happened to Japan in and after World War II.

Afghanistan per se is finished; by 2050 it will be Wyoming East. The Taliban are literally marked for death, all of them. Pakistan has the choice of giving us a completely free hand, or of following in Afghanistan’s wake. Hussein and Qaddaffi have the choice of cutting their own throats, or letting us do it for them. Those who thought it was great to dance in the streets, fire guns in the air, and hand out candy to admiring children will be spending the rest of the lives living behind barbed wire on potatoes and water.

All terrorists, everywhere, must be handed over to us, and their support systems destroyed – not mothballed, but destroyed. Local governments have the choice of doing it themselves, and providing adequate proof that they have done so, or having us do it, with a 99.44% chance that we will destroy them in the process. Notice that I am not talking about letting the local boss thug, and his favorite cronies and mistresses, sneak off to Monaco; I’m talking about tree limbs breaking under the weight of corpses dangling from them. The Japanese Red Army get to commit mass seppuku. The ELF get to hug one last tree before taking a natural, environmentally-safe poison.

So, it wasn’t really al-Qa’ida, but Ali ibn Bozo who was responsible? Great, he has an extra six months to live. Hope he uses the time to make his peace with Allah. We will make no peace with him and his.

Ok here is the question.

Why did we both get jumped on?

Does anyone here deny there is a war on?

If you have better ideas on how to eliminate terriorism FUCKING SPEAK UP dont just attack our ideas.

Mostly I take issue with this attitude.

“If we attack we will just make them mad”


“we will be no better than they if we respond”


I was sleeping peacefully when I heard the news, I had no perverted dreams of eliminating the great satan as I slept.

These fucking radicals started a war.

Now I find people talking abought military action as if it was terrorism.

Fuck all of you.

I want them gone. All of them. I nam willing to lay down my life and the life of my son, if need be.

These fucks are betting we have no stomach for war.

As far as I have seen they are right.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

We are the last Super power. We don’t start fights, we end them.

To paraphrase something said during the Crusades. Kill them all, and let G-d sort them out.

So little things like actually getting the actual people who did this don’t concern you?

In your rage you think it fit to murder thousands more innocent people because they might have been responsible

Mmm-hmm that makes sense. I’m sure that the innocent Afghanis who had nothing to do with this will appreciate your well-thought out logic when they get blowed up real good by your well thought out logical plan of righteous vengeance :rolleyes:

Anger at this time is totally understandable. A desire for genocide is not. Destroy the terrorists who did this, not the innocent people who happen to live in that country.

That’s not cowardice that’s common sense.

I am very tired, and probably inarticulate, but I guess I will babble here.

I am too numb to even feel anything yet. I don’t want revenge. I don’t want justice. At least I have no such urgent feelings about that as yet.

But I do want to feel safe. I want to be protected. I don’t want to fear.

So, no bloodlust from me. No chest-beating from me. No cries for revenge.

But we have to do something, and it can’t be half-ass. It will probably be pretty severe. I see no other option - we’ve been pushed against a wall.

I don’t see this as a war. This was a crime against humanity, a crime of such magnitude that we have no punishment that is appropriate. Nevertheless, we must send out a message that the cost of doing business with terrorists will be very high, indeed.

And as for those who say that bin Laden may not be responsible, who cares? We want whoever did this,and bin Laden. And as many of these sub-humans as we can get our hands on.

And make no mistake. The Palistinians who found so much joy in this cowardly act have set their cause back twenty years. Perhaps even forever. The Americans will never forgive this grave insult.

No more Mister Nice Guy.

So let’s find the radicals who started the war and end it with them. Let’s not target an oppressed people who have already had many of their freedoms taken away, as have the women under the Taliban regime.

This is, in my opinion, one of the reasons Bush is saying that the time to end this will be of our choosing. He is intending (I hope) a just and measured action.

Fuck you

Bin laden is not only the most likely canidate he is admittedly guilty of multiple murders of US nationals.

The turkish government has taken the stance. Fuck you, you cant get him and we dare you to try.

I say we call their dare

to quote spider woman.
He is intending (I hope) a just and measured action.

And just how would you deal out a “just” (in reponse to a yet un-measurable death count) and “measured” just what the fuck does that mean? response?

Nice intelligent discussion you’ve got going here, guys.
Tell me, EvilGandhi, are you privy to intelligence that our leaders are not? 'Cause I haven’t heard any particular group named yet, just speculation.
“This is a time for blind rage”, you say. Yeah, that’s usually the best frame of mind to go into a volatile situation. God forbid we think before we act.
I think the reason you’re getting jumped on is the comments about destroying entire societies and wanting all of them dead. I don’t think most people have a problem with whatever happens to the terrorists or their organizations. But to advocate killing an entire civilization, innocent civilians and all (yes, there ARE actually innocent people in these countries) shows no respect for human life. You guys want to hide behind your concern and outrage over the killings in the U.S., but it’s not human life you fundamentally value and mourn for; it’s American life, the whole “home team” mentality that allows us to see non-citizens as “others”, somehow less human than we are. I find that fucking sad. This eye-for-an-eye philosophy doesn’t equal justice, it just satisfies your need for violent revenge. If you can’t see how a war, with massive loss of innocent lives (can’t have a war without casualties), is in the long run more tragic than glorious, I don’t know what I can say to you, Rambo.
I’m getting real tired real fast of all this knee-jerk flag-waving, which is an acceptable mask for many to hide their prejudices and hatred. So you bought a flag? You say you’re willing to die for our country? Well, until you actually sign up to get shipped off, it’s all just lip service to me. And I resent being called a coward for actually wanting to get the complete facts before we act and for feeling sorry for what’s about to happen to the world. I’m a veteran. I was discharged with a disability. And you? WHat have you done besides giving us all your reactionary armchair punditry? Luckily, you aren’t in charge of making policy, which I’m sure bothers you to no end, so I can take you and all the rest with a grain of salt. But since you stated it, let me offer a hearty “fuck you” in return and hope you and your son don’t actually have to go off on a horrible deathmarch.
Oh, and Booker, spouting cliches from the Dark Ages don’t exactly make you appear the most thoughtful person in the hemisphere, either.

There’s nothing wrong with “measured”. Sounds A-OK with me, as long as it gets the job done. I just want them to get it RIGHT. So “measured” could be a pretty smart way to go.

to stop them from ever hurting anyone else.

And although I am not a practicing Christian now, (I am agnostic, which means I do not know), I was raised with a Christian ethic and this has shaped my morals and ethics. Attacking and killing anyone is antithetical to my beliefs, which are best stated by paraphrasing Jesus “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and love thy neighbor as thyself.” Or something like that. I guess I would come to the point of suspending part of that, and using military force and even killing the terrorists if it would prevent them from hurting others in the future, so that is, I guess, partly contradictory to my beliefs.

I find it interesting that many practicing Christians are also avid “hawks” advocating war, and see no contradiction in this stance. I am not sure if this is true of you, EvilGhandi.


How bout you put in a space or two in your comments.


I’m getting real tired real fast of all this knee-jerk flag-waving

Yea me too. I hear they don’t do that at all in the middle east.

I see from your profile that you live a long way away from me (I am in Minnesota; you are in Hawaii). I don’t remember running across many of your posts previously.

But if you ever come to Minnesota, I want you to know that I would welcome you into my home (it’s the one with eleven candles burning on the front steps), and I would sit down and discuss this with you (and offer you some of my bad cooking). Let’s not let terrorists make enemies of us, because that adds to their victory. We can disagree with each other without anger.

Spider Woman,

Actually I dont disagree at all. I just think you are a bit naive.

We both greive for the lives lost (both for our countrymen and the other nationals here at our countries invitation)
wse both want to see the guilty brought to justice.

Where we disagree is scope.

I want it done, finished and (less) to worry about for my son.

You think if we keep ignoring these fuckers they wont eventualy deploy nuclear weapons?

That is something that had crossed my mind. Pakistan, if I remember correctly, did a demonstration a couple of years back to show that they have nuclear weapons. It is also possible that bin Laden has the financial resources to have made some. The Taliban probably does not. Have you heard much about this?

Ye gods, for days now people have been sniping at each other over this. Calm down, and let’s have a quiet rumble, hokay?
I don’t mind the hotheads wanting to take on the world - it’s not an inappropriate reaction to tuesday’s hell. Anyone still talking trash in a month, well, then I might recommend some of the newer pharmaceuticals.
On the other hand, I seriously mind the wimps wanting to talk about “forgiveness”, “measured response”, and without putting it in so many words, blaming the U.S. for the thousands dead and injured. All this talk about the so-called innocent people who will end up hurt - what tripe. ObL is hiding amongst the innocent, has been for years, and those in charge have aided and abetted his security. To say that we’re supposed to hold our fire as a result merely encourages the continued use of innocent targets and decoys. Your values are screwed.
We need a calm, cool, rational, methodical approach to what will inevitably be a protracted, multi-pronged conflict. Shut off the money flow, squeeze nations sponsoring terrorists(potentially even eliminating some military action), destroy camps and supplies, and keep it up until the organizations are eliminated, or as close as possible. In case you haven’t watched the news this week, several of the major terrorist sponsors, nations such as Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, either have or are within a few years of having - nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons. This is a battle best fought while we have the advantage.

The second part of your sentence does not logically follow the first. Calling for “forgiveness” or a “measured reponse” in no way blames the U.S. except in your opinion (which you do have the right to voice).

Again, a matter of subjective opinion.

This could be seen as being synonymous to “measured response.”

And I hear they don’t give a shit about civilian casualties in the pursuit to further their cause, either.

To you that makes them animals. What does it make us when we adopt their tactics?

You’re anger is more than justified. It’s too bad it seems misguided.

*And I believe the monicker is woodstockbirdybird, not woodstockhippybird.

Oh, this is impressive. Give over control of your brain, froth at the mouth, run amok–that’s helpful.

Old monster movies just showed mobs waving pitchforks and torches. (“Are we gonna put up with MONSTERS? Let’s to get 'em, boys!”) They didn’t show the mob burning out a few neighboring farms along the way, much less slaughtering hapless peasant slobs stuck serving the castle for survival.

Simplistic analogy but whatever works…

  • Servants to monsters have already been degraded by ruthless “kick/feed” tactics. They’re treacherous but only tools.

  • Monsters have the conscience and survival skills of cockraoches. G’head, burn a few castles. They’ve already fled for safer haven. They don’t give a shit about the servants they leave behind. They’re replaceable.

  • Mobs don’t kill monsters. Mobs are comically inept fodder; diffused noise and fury.

  • Monsters are accountable to no one. They’re sole “holders of the idea”.

  • Monsters are smart, patient, ruthless but–first and foremost–devoted to their own survival. They warp beliefs so mesmerized followers do their dying for them. Convenient, that.

  • Monsters aren’t defeated by blustering rage. It’s one of their favorite tools; it’s inept. They’re defeated by patience, intelligence, grit and freely given strength and sacrifice.

  • Bit-players of any, offbeat or NO belief can still loathe and fight monsters.

Supply you own monster. Cast your own role.