Cowboy Bebop (Netflix)

Ooooh, perfect burn.

A Rolls-Royce fusion reactor AF-15C axial fusion aero-spike burn…

I love this version.

I’m not suggesting this is the best thing ever but as a live-action reboot of a 25 year old anime it is amazingly well done.

If the original wasn’t your bag this probably won’t be either. If you liked the anime then I’d think you’d like this.

There were a million ways to screw this up but they nailed it. Casting is fantastic. The vibe is the same. Feels like Quentin Tarantino in space (not surprising since I think stuff like this informed his style big time).

I get it’s not for everyone. But, for what it means to be I think it nails it and does a great job.

I’m watching it now. I watched the anime a long time ago and I think this version is great. The fight scenes are a little awkward as John Cho doesn’t seem to have any real martial arts experience but the overall flavor of the thing is spot on.

Did the cartoon version of Julia have duck lips too? I found those lips rather distracting.

Actually I think anime Julia sort of looks like Saoirse Ronan. Had to say since anime proportions don’t often translate to real world human proportions.

I’m up to episode 8. So I feel like I’m liking it more. More accurately, I don’t DISlike it. I actually enjoy the interactions with the main characters (Spike, Jet, and Faye). The best I can describe it is that the live action show is so close to the anime that it sits in a sort of “uncanny valley” for me. Like it doesn’t quite know what to life from the anime and what not to and often ends up “cartoony” in a way the anime wasn’t. Particularly if you watch a Netflix episode side by side with the original anime version (ie. Cowboy Gospel (2021) vs Asteroid Blues (1998) or Sad Clown A-Go-Go (2021) vs Pierrot le Fou (1998). The sets and effects sometimes feel cheap and Doctor Who-like. And the jazzy soundtrack sometimes feel out of sync with the actual action on screen.

I’m hoping it gets another season though. I think it has the potential to be it’s own thing once it gets past trying to redo the original series.

It’s not a train-wreck. Liking Mustafa Shakir as Jet, but have some reservations about Spike and Faye; the creators went a slightly different direction with the characters, not sure if I’m liking it.

That’s not a criticism of either John Cho or Daniella Pineda. They played the characters they were paid and directed to play.

I only know the original anime by reputation. I’m finding the Netflix series a satisfying example of style over substance. I’ll eventually watch the whole season but I won’t binge it because the story just isn’t that compelling. What I really like is how the technology and society depicted makes no goddamned sense at all and the writers are entirely unapologetic about the license they’re taking with, well…logic and reality. It reminds me a lot of my favorite serials in 2000AD.

I’m liking it. Not fond of the soundtrack though. But I guess that’s par for the course for pulp fiction type shows.

Never saw the original, the movie, or even the trailer. Last night we watched the first episode and hubby and I enjoyed it well enough that we’ll watch the second episode. It reminds me a bit of the live action The Tick, which I quite enjoyed.

you pretty much described the anime series … and most people will agree that the individual episodes are better than the overall plot which was pretty pedestrian even for 1988

and i defy anyone to watch the first or second ep (the one with the dog) and not laugh …

speaking of did they ever say what kind of data the dog was carrying? i dont think they did

As a fan of the original anime, I quite like Netflix’s live action take. Mustafa Shakir’s Jet is a spot on rendition of anime Jet, even with the addition of a daughter. John Cho’s Spike is older and more beaten down than anime Spike; as his backstory with Vicious is told, you’ll understand why. Jury is still out on Daniela Pineda’s Faye; we didn’t get to see much of her backstory. I am anxious to see Radical Ed next season, who’s probably the most difficult OG to portray in live action.


I did not find either of those episodes to be laugh-out-loud funny.

I finished the live-action show and I found it more interesting as it went along, although I still didn’t think it was very funny. The only line I remember laughing at was Faye saying “Your dog…shoots movies…OUT OF ITS EYES!”

The ending was definitely a surprise for me.

I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes so far, I don’t want to rush it. They brought together the elements from multiple episodes of the anime. So far I am enjoying it and can understand many of the changes that have been made.

The one thing I am not a fan of is Vicious. He looks to old and his head is to blocky to evoke the character from the series.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes…

Just started this tonight, and I am a massive fan of the anime.

I’m absolutely impressed. This is absolutely live-action anime. The changes made have been to flesh out the actual narrative, rather than a series just showing a series of vignettes the way the original was, and I haven’t hated anything yet; weakest part for me so far is Vicious. Like Ike_Witt, he just doesn’t really fit (physically), though I have no problem with his portrayal, as such.