Coworker lying on time sheet

I second the anonymous note idea.

Yes, everyone should ignore crimes.


That is a lovely tact.

First of all, what do you care? Are you working in the Compliance Department or something?

No one likes a tattletale. You will just get a repuation around your workplace as being the officious jerk who tells the boss about every infraction of the employee handbook.

It’s different in Bad Samaritan’s case where he is a project manager and a person not doing their assigned job is directly affect his work.

It’s generally a red flag that your job sucks when you pay more attention to the process and procedures of your workplace than your actual job (unless, of course, you are a process improvement consultant or the operations manager or something).

This is what I would do (and have done in the past). I usually work as a temp, and if I notice other temps getting away with stuff I’m not getting away with, I bust their asses. I’ve never had a negative repercussion from it, and have gotten rid of other temps who were making more work for me by not doing their jobs. The temp world is a cutthroat one. :smiley:

Of course, the person looking at the time sheets should be doing their job and checking them, too.

I’m surprised at how many people are advising against bringing the issue up with management. It’s hardly “tattling”, it’s reporting someone who is defrauding the company.

Yes, maybe there is a valid reason why she’s putting down extra time. But mentioning to the boss that it seems odd that your coworker writes in an extra hour each day, considering you arrive and leave at the same time, is hardly a snarky and nosy thing to do. The agreement is to be paid X amount per hour’s work, and someone who’s making up hours and getting paid for them is as bad, IMO, as someone who’s stealing office supplies or skimming from the company’s profits.

There’s “mind your own business” and there’s “speak up against wrongs” and it always surprises me how many people have so much trouble deciding which one is appropriate when.

Because some greedy ass is getting money they didn’t earn while I bust my ass for every bit of my paycheck, that’s why.\

Tough shit. It’s work, not high school. Don’t want to get in trouble? Then do your damn job.

I’d stay out of it. I noticed that you work 7.5 hours per day. Is this a job where they put you on for 37.5 hours so that don’t have to pay you benefits.

Say that you point this out to management, and they fire her, what do you get out of it, other than the reputation as the office snitch. Unfortunately, I think that telling will help your career and may hurt it.

I would tactfully bring it up with your manager. I don’t know what kind of position you’re in, but this can adversely affect you in the future if it isn’t resolved. I’ve seen cases where folks logged more time than they actually worked, and have been in promotion consideration meetings with their managers who say “I’d like to promote person A over person B because they are clearly putting more hours and effort into the job.” Yes, those managers aren’t really in touch with the work that’s actually being accomplished, and shame on them for it, but it could be one way where her deceptions really do adversely affect you or other employees.

If you didn’t like my joke you should have just kept it to yourself, instead of posting what amounts to a direct insult to me. You’re violating the “don’t be a jerk” rule.

In these workplace threads the division quockly becomes clear between those who say MYOB and those who advocated active particiaption in rules enforcement.

I’m in the former group. The only reason I’d turn her in would be if I disliked her, or otherwise though I’d personally benefit from either my reporting her to management or her being disciplined. Actually, I’m happy when I realize co-workers are breaking rules or otherwise screwing up, as I feel it makes my performance look better by comparison.

And you’re junior-modding. Stop it now or take it to the Pit.

She is gaining pay she has not earned, five hours a week gives about a 12% increase in pay for no extra work, why the hell should she get 12% more money for doing the same amount of work as you?

How many dopers would be happy getting less pay for the same work? and if you are in that position, do you think its fair - same work differant pay and everything else equal.

Keep out of it ? No way, she’d be toast if she worked anywhere near me.

I am very much a labour union person, this type of thievery is the sort that gives other working people a bad rep in front of managers, it justifies managers treating workers like shite - in their eyes because " All workers are like that".

Sometimes I do have to defend errant workers, because I cannot put myself in judgement of them - thats for the tribunal to do, but if I knew 100% that there was such a fraudster - I would not lift a finger to help them escape their just desserts.

Yup. I sympathize with the fact that being honest, you are getting paid less than she is. Just keep in mind that Karma is a bitch and watch and wait.

There’s no such thing. It’s perfectly possible to do shitty things to people all your life and never suffer any ill consequences.

OTOH, if it comes to light that you knew about greedy coworker’s time card shenanigans and said nothing about it, you could be shit outta luck. Me, I want to keep my job. So sorry, greedy coworker, but you lose.

If she had really worked something out with management or worked extra hours, she’d just say ‘yeah, boss asked me to do some work at home’ or something. Why would she hide it if the management knows?

I’m surprised at the MYOB folks, too, or at least the ones who think that FloatyGimpy has no reason to care or isn’t affected by this at all.

5 extra hours per week = 260 extra hours per year. Suppose she makes $9/hour. That’s over 2300/year. That money comes from somewhere. It’s not as is most companies have unlimited cash for salaries, and anything that affects the bottom line in turn affects the employees.

But it’s not coming out of your wallet.

You can’t get resentful of every jerk who beats the system a little while you play it straight.

Everything is high school. That’s why they make everyone go.

How can you say there isn’t “Karma”? I don’t believe in Karma as some kind of mystical Ying Yang force like gravity or Jesus. But I believe in reciprocity. FloatyGimpy’s coworker is already putting “negative Karma” out there by cheating on her timesheet. Maybe she acts like a bitch to people too. Now all of a sudden, it gets out that this mean bitch is pading her time and BOOM - karma bitch!
People suffer consequences in different ways. My (moderately successful) boss is a real asshole who treats people like shit. She will probably die alone, childless and friendless (soon I hope) after a lifetime of bitter lonliness.

Actually, it is. Ethics may not be a zero-sum game, but money is. Money that’s stolen from the company is money I won’t see in raises or year-end bonuses. What, you think the money that Greedy the Cunt steals comes out of thin air?