Cows sought after BMW vandalized

Cows sought after BMW vandalized

I blame it on cut-backs at the agricultural schools. Without good before- and after-school programs, cows will just get into trouble.

Good thing is, they’ve got DNA. The police should check the database to see if they have any priors.

Do they have a cow tip line?

When they find them, they’ll need to call for a patty wagon.

Did you know that it took a quarter million cows to make the hydrogen bladders for a single Zeppelin?

Cows attaking German cars? It’s pay back, baby!


Probably a local bovine gang.

I hope they didn’t damage the car’s steer-ing.

I suppose putting out an All-Points Bulletin would be sexist?

at least it was a moo-ving violation

It’s their opening gambit! Run!!!

The story ends with this: Cows With Guns - The Original Animation - YouTube .

Cows on the lam(b)? Will police do a steak-out?

Last I herd, they were mooving south.

They were ruminating over that attack for days.

It cud be juvenile delinquent cows, or it cud be a budding cattle revolution.

As a BMW owner, I find this udderly tragic!

Glad you horned in on this conversation.

Best laugh I’ve had all week, thank you!

The cattle had fled the area? No, I’m sorry. The cattle may have been there at one time, and they weren’t there any more. But they did not “flee”. At best they may have lumbered.

I think we’ve probably milked these udderly awful puns long enough.

I hoof not seen enough yet.

Did the car have an all-leather interior? Maybe they were trying to rescue a friend.