Cows sought after BMW vandalized

They thought BMW stood for Bovine Meal Wagon.

Oh yeah! My Dad and uncle described this as a real problem in rural areas in the 1930’s - 50’s.

Say you visit your kinfolk in the country and you have to drive through a cow pasture to get to their house. They had stories about cars left cow-accessable and having patches licked down to bare steel. :eek:

Think about a cat’s tounge then think 10X bigger and 10X rougher!

What a cow-ardly herd of ‘spit-and-run’ vandals.

Clearly they had a beef with the owners.

The police have got to come down hard on things like this. Once cows get the idea that vandalism isn’t noticed, next thing there are muggings, home invasions, drug dealing and hay stolen from the barns.

Hell’s Guernseys?

And also for prions.

are you suggesting those were… (••) / ( ••)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) mad cows?

They should be charged, prosecuted and if convicted, eaten.

No, they get grilled by the police.

Police have released this surveillance photo

I thought you were just supposed to mount just the horns.

Mounting cows is against Saskatoon law, I think, unless the cow gives consent.

I herd they broke the cow§ holders!*

*Cupholders in Bovine Mootor Works cars come pre-broken from the factory.

Jenny from the hood?

(800) BEEF-TIP (in-state)
(800) CRIME-RIB (out of state)

Well, that car WAS T-boned…

…and everything after that is gravy… :smiley:

Fortunately these kinds of attacks are rare, and not well done.


Like most terrorist and vandal attacks, it was an act of cowherds.

The thread title made me think of a Far Side cartoon.

The damage was slight. They just grazed it.