Cox Cable New DVR Menu Sucks

At least here in Las Vegas, Cox Cable has a new on-screen menu for your DVR.
Hate it.
First of all, you can only see two days ahead - so for instance, I cannot program anything for Tuesday or any following days. The old version had a full week of programming, so you could scroll through and plan on what you want to record in advance.
Secondly, some of the “new” shows are not registering as “new” and thus, not recording!
Thirdly - I think even Opal would agree that Cox is horrible.

Don’t know who came up with this new on-screen design, but they should be fired.

OK…so I called COX again and complained.
They re-booted my connection.
Good news - I can now see a full week of programming!
Bad news, they have no idea why some shows are not listed as “new” and will report this.

This is easily the 4th time I have called about this “new” online programming.
What is odd is that not one of the customer reps (tech support) have EVER used the new system and freely admit they have no idea how it works.
You would think this company might possibly have their TECH SUPPORT try out the online menu before answering calls. One rep said, “Yeah, we complained as well…”

I have to agree with you because I’ve had Cox Cable for many years. I grew up on Cox Cable and at first everything was ok but them problems began happening. When we called Cox Cable, they wanted to charge me $49.99 and I was infuriated. My granny had Cox since I was born in 1988 give or take and I was just upset. I moved up to Denver and tried Comcast and had the same exact issue! I then began working at DISH and tried out their service and I’ve loved it every since. I’ve had virtually no issues with it at all! DISH Network has ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction amongst all TV and satellite providers and there is a reason for that. DISH also provides 100% digital programming everyday, nationwide. I always recommend that people try out DISH Network and I am inviting anyone who comes across this post to explore the endless possibilities with DISH Network and experience a value unheard of by any other TV company!


I agree with you DMark, it’s really gone downhill with those guys.

What I hate most though, and it’s so trivial, is when I hit the Menu button, I still have to pick the Guide to actually see all the channels. For some reason it drives me batshit.