Coyote in a Chicago sandwich shop

Funny news story here about a coyote who wandered into a Chicago sandwich shop.

His dingo friend must’ve told him about the roast baby sandwiches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the photo in the article.

It would have been cooler if it had been a bobcat. :wink:

How does a coyote get into downtown Chicago? Other that the train, of course…

It was hunting spongmonkeys.

Jeez, I thought you meant that you found coyote sandwiches for sale. I was going to ask if it tasted like chicken.

Or a coelacanth.

From the title, I was expecting it to be very lean, sliced thin, and served on a good rye.

What a waste of fresh deli meat… :smiley:

Hamburger, hamburger!

Pepsi, Pepsi!

Chips, chip!

Coyote, coyote!!

No! Hamburger, hamburger!

Sheesh! You just try and get a nice toasty sandwich and everyone makes a big deal!

They were saying on the news yesterday that there is a pack of coyotes that lives just outside the loop. They didn’t really say where, though.

OK, this coelacanth flops into a sandwich shop ijn Chicago and gasps, “What time’s the next submarine leave?”

Counterperson says, “You just missed one.”

Coelacanth replies, “That’s impossible! I’m the earliest fish ever caught!”

The counterperson plops the coelacanth into a dishpan of dirty water and calls the ASPCA.

Ooh! I saw that movie! It was called Wolfen II—Coyoten.

The Chicago area has an extensive Rails to Trails bike path system and coyotes love to follow bike trails. They are mostly straight with no cars, few level crossings, and safe ways over or under major roads.

Coyotes - along with deer and raccoons - have been extremely successful in co-existing with humans in Chicago and other big cities. My understanding is that they are way more common than nearly everyone thinks - its just that they are rarely seen as they tend to be nocturnal and shy, and when they are seen, most folks just assume they are dogs.

Like drop said, the bike paths are highways for wildlife. But my understanding is that coyotes also use the standard train easements, the banks of the Chicago River and canals, and the lakefront to penetrate the heart of downtown. Once there, they have little difficulty finding food. Besides the abundance of trash, Grant Park has experienced a burgeoning rabbit population over recent years. And there are always rats, squirrels, pigeons, etc.

Remember that there is pretty much a ring of forest preserves around Chicago that are teeming with deer and coyotes. Really isn’t that much of a stretch to think that one or a few peripatetic coyotes might take a wrong turn and keep going, ending up further and further downtown.

That wasn’t a wrong turn onto the UP tracks. It saw my collie glaring at it (she HATES freakin’ coyotes!) and didn’t stop until it reached Madison and Canal.

Several weeks ago I could have sworn I saw a coyote dart across the road and up out of sight. This was in an area, northwest of Tampa, that used to be all cypress swamp and pasture land, but has been developed mostly only in the last 10 years. Then I thought, “this is Tampa, we don’t have coyotes here”, assumed it was just a stray, and put it out of my mind.

So, are there coyotes that range down here? I don’t think of coyotes as a Florida animal.

Yes, we have them. And I’m not just talking about me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in Pinellas and the SPCA driver told us of a couple coyote incidents. One time he was called out to pick up an injured dog, he thought it was a shepherd mix of some sort and took it back to the shelter and put it in a kennel. It was kind of dazed so he was able to handle it without a problem. When the other workers came in they informed him it was a coyote. We also had one brought to us that had been hit by a car and was DOA.

If we have them in Pinellas, I’m sure you have them in Hillsborough. Remember we used to have the Red Wolf down here, coyotes are very good about filling vacated niches … and even unvacated niches.

I just heard this morning that they released this coyote in a wooded area about 10 miles from me. He’ll be baaaaaack…

Yeah, probably in an hour or two.

ACME jetpack.