Crabmeat Sauce For Steak Ideas Needed


I have some snow crab legs that I want to top some steaks with for three people. I don’t really want to go to too much trouble to make something like bearnaise. Usually I just heat the legs, extract the meat and ladle them over steaks with melted garlic butter. It’s pretty good but I want to try something different.

I’ve googled some and I’m not really inspired by many of the recipes, and some are just too time consuming.

I’m looking for advice on something simple and tasty that I haven’t thought of. C’mon, culinary Dopers…gimme some crab lovin’!

You can boil the shit out of cream to reduce it, and it makes a good sauce on it’s own. Just take some heavy cream, maybe a clove of garlic and some salt, and let it reduce by about 25%. You can throw some herbs in if you want. Add the crab meat at the end to warm it up. If you want to be really fancy, put some lemon zest on top, or stir in some grated Parmesan.

Not particularly healthy, but you didn’t ask for that!

I have a recipe for crab fettuccini, and that’s the sauce (yes to parmesan, no to lemon zest). Plus a stick of butter.

It’s delicious, but my arteries can’t take it. A little bit on a steak though shouldn’t be too bad.

This could be good…how about aside the steak?

C’mon guys! This is essentially my “last meal” in the sense that I cannot afford to replicate it. I’ve had the steaks and crab legs in the freezer for way too long and I need to use them.

Note: My fingers, they are a’burning from picking crab meat from shells. I know, oh woe is me, but damn…forgot how much work that was when the cracking isn’t going your way.

I am serious…I won’t be able to eat like this again in a long time. I need suggestions!

I’d serve hem separately, to be honest. Surf and Turf almost never works particularly well. Rather than elevating each ingredient, it tends to drag both down. Also, I don’t like putting large crab legs in a sauce anyway. They’re just so suburb on their own. I use lump or claw meat from blue crabs if I’m going to add a bunch of ingredients (which is rarely).

You had the right idea with butter and garlic, but I’d serve it as a starter, maybe even cold, with some oysters or shrimp. Like at a traditional steakhouse. It also helps your prep, because you can do a lot in advance.

A nice side dish for steak I make once a month or so.

Take some white mushrooms, and remove the stems.

Throw a cake of Boursin cheese (I like herb and garlic) in the microwave for about 30 seconds (remove from tinfoil and place in dish before placing in microwave).

Throw in some chopped crab or lobster meat (if uncooked, do a quick fry in garlic butter). Mix together and stuff into mushroom caps.

Bake for ~30 minutes at 350 degrees.



Thanks for the replies, guys. I think whomever posted that I should keep them separate is correct. I did all the work late last night, picking the meat out of all the bodies and legs…took two hours, and from where I baked them covered in foil on sheet pans the crab water dripped onto the bottom of my oven and it’s giving off an AWFUL stench when I try to use it…must clean…