Crack pipe vending machines

This article refers to crack pipe vending machines found in(on) long Island.

For two bucks you can buy a glass “pen” to smoke your crack or whatever from. The article is reading like everything, machines, content and placement are illegal but are the pens/pipes really illegal to see? Paraphernalia has always been sold here behind easily unmasked labels. Roses in glass, tobacco pipes ect.

Even if it was should it be so damned? If your buying a crack pipe from a vending machine you’ve probably already bought you crack nearby and it’s getting smoked somehow. Why throw such a fit over a vending machine that it makes the news?

Crack pipes, meth pipes, weed pipes, you can buy all of these at the corner gas station. When I first found out about the crack pipes, which used to be little mini roses in a glass “vase” but now are predominately pens in glass tubes, I could not believe such a thing was legal. The plausible deniability of them being what they purported to be seemed utterly ridiculous.

Then I found out about meth pipes in gas stations. Hahaha. All pretense went out the window with those. They look like crazy ass space age drug pipes. They call them “bubblers” and they don’t even bother dressing them up in disguises like the crack pipes were. I still don’t get it. Free market baby!

Crack aint gonna smoke itself.

The contents were legal, but the vending machines were not.

“…it is not illegal to sell the pens and it is not illegal to sell a pipe, but they are considered drug paraphernalia and they were being dispensed from a machine that was installed illegally per town code.”

“They were actually repurposed tampon dispensers…”

Which said, brings to mind an entirely different sort of “crack” pipe.

Came in here certain this was going to be in Japan. You can get almost anything out of a vending machine there!

In the two articles I read they did say the machines were illegally placed but that took a back seat to the mentions of crack pipes and decency. They even went so far as to suggest the machines were probably stolen. Damn druggies, mucking up the neighborhood with their stolen druggie machines.

Isn’t that a Ron White joke? :smiley:

Wouldn’t that be more of a wick than a pipe?

I was riffing on my after dinner thing. When we are sitting around after eating, I’ll get up and say, “well, these dishes aint gonna warsh themselves”.

Many people do that. However, you should be ashamed of yourself for pronouncing an “r” in “wash”

Mary Pong: “Why don’t you step over to booth number two for the crack pipe?”

Sir Mix-a-lot: “I’ve got your crack pipe right here, baby!”

(From the spoken prelude to “Swap Meet Louis” by Sir Mix-a-lot)

You, Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. And my new hero. I was unaware of anyone aware of the poetry of Mix-a-lot aside from “Baby got back.”

I salute you.

There’s gotta be a broken mother’s back joke in here somewhere.