Cracked first molar - what to do?

My first post here, but I’ve been reading on this forum for years. Hope this is the right place for this question.

I’ve already had my top right first molar extracted a few years ago. Now the top left one has problems. The dentist says it’s cracked and he thinks the crack might extend up into the root. But he can’t tell for sure. He suggested either extracting it or trying a root canal and crown, but he wasn’t sure if it would work and it’ll cost around £1000.

I’m leaning towards just extracting it as I went through a nightmare trying to fix the other molar. Months of pain and a repeat root canal that failed etc. Cost a fortune then it had to be extracted anyway. Any opinions about what to choose would be appreciated. Also has anyone else lost any molars? Do you find it ok to live with/eat?

IANA dentist, but I’ve lost a lot of teeth due to damage. Get it extracted, repairs are unlikely to last. Get an implant immediately if you can afford it, if not start saving your money. The implant itself does not include the prosthetic tooth, you can have the implant inserted now if you can only afford that and get the prosthetic later when you have more money. You need a dentist who is willing to do that, they may not want to split up the cost of the procedure that way, but if it’s all you can afford I hope one will accomodate you. Start saving to get an implant for that other molar you lost also.

If this is not the last molar you can also look into a bridge to cover the gap and keep your other teeth from moving around. Bridges are expensive also but probably will come in at less than an implant and may last for 25 years or more.

I could never afford an implant. Not without getting into a lot of debt anyway. If it was a tooth that was visible when I smiled, it’d be different but I’d be reluctant with a back tooth. I was thinking of just leaving the gap.

It could lead to later problems, but it’s not the worst thing on earth. Good luck with this, take care of the rest of your teeth :slight_smile: