Cracked/PWOT forums refugee gathering place

Cracked is closing its forums in a few days after 18 years, starting as forums on David Wong’s website Pointless Waste of Time and then moving to Cracked when he hired on there some years back. I’ve been an admittedly fairly quiet part of both the Cracked and SDMB communities and like both very much. For the Cracked people, it’s a very sad development- it’s been a daily part of our lives for many years. There are many, many, very funny and cool people there who would fit in well with the SDMB crowd if they choose to. The admins and mods there have kept a pretty tight lid on things over the years, too- jerkdom has been tolerated even less there than here- so almost all of the jerks have generally been banned or quit. It’s a high quality group of posters, is what I’m saying.

This may well go nowhere, but I wanted to offer a place where the Cracked forum alumni can come visit the Dope and see if it’s attractive as a new home.

For my part, I say bring 'em over! We could use some new blood around here.

I agree, the more the merrier! And tell them to bring some Home Shopping Club snarkers with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, go and tell them we’d welcome them. Even the dipsticks.

Especially the dipsticks.


I hope someone archives it all.

Can’t we have some kind of rumble first to fight for board superiority, before we realize we’re all really the same underneath and join together? I believe that’s how these things are supposed to work. Plus, I’ve never been in a rumble.

Another vote for “make a public post letting everyone know they are welcome here at the Dope!”

Yep, did it.

I hope some of my friends who don’t actually know that I think of them as friends will come by.

I am NO ONE’S friend, but if there is a rumble going on for board supremacy, I am willing to participate. Are we permitted to bite?

By longstanding tradition we have a goat, and a squid. The goat bites. (Among other things.) The squid…Uh…Well…You’ll find out about th-- I mean, you don’t need to worry about the squid right now! Gosh, no!

Uh, welcome to the SDMB!

What about the hamsters? Do the hamsters bite or just do unmentionable things in paper towel tubes?

The hamsters are too busy running in their little hamster wheels (in order to power the servers) to bother anybody. Poor little guys!


Make sure there are no ketchup-on-hot dog eaters in the group.

But pizza-with-a-fork eaters are always welcome!

It’s a trap!

Haunted Pasta, I’ve poked through the Cracked/PWOT fora before. Never posted in anything but Photoplasty/Pictofact threads–though I am a registered member on Cracked, most of my posts have been restricted to the Photoplasty/Pictofact and commentary threads. I still read the other fora, when I had no photoplasty/pictofact ideas.

So I did see your post there on coming to the SDMB. I hope that we see folks coming from there to here–there are many knowledgeable commentators there. I hope that they will join us, and I will look forward to their contributions here.

West Side Story was the biggest, bullshitiest story ever! He goes running thru Spanish Harlem calling, “Maria” & only one girl answers. :dubious:

With that many new members we’re gonna need more goats. Farmers get inquisitive when goats go missing in the middle of the night. That could bring down our whole operation here.

What, you didn’t bring pie!?!

We only allow people that have seen the version of Big that had the alternate ending.