The SDMB gets fuxxored. Where do you go?

The recent news that the Chicago Reader has changed hands has got me nervous. Let’s say that the board’s new owners decide to increase the board’s “public appeal.” Suddenly, there are three dozen smilies to choose from, and the board is infested with posters who say things like “this is teh suxxor” and have animated sigs that fill half the page (or more).

What would you do? Where would you go for intelligent discussion? No site could ever replace The Dope, but what would be your refuge, the place where you seek asylum?

The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists, obviously.

I started a thread similar to this a while back.

Livejournal. Though I don’t update anywhere near as often as I once did, it’s been my chief source of online diversion for at least a year now and I’ve made some great friends there so while I’d miss the SDMB initially, I’d move on easily and quickly.

I would find a small Benedictine monastery that needed someone to hose out the stalls.

(Nope, I got nuthin’…)

I’d stick around. I don’t mind smilies. txt talk is annoying, though. I might leave because of that.

And then I would go wherever everybody else went.

I guess I would go back to work. You know…that stuff we’re all supposed to be doing while we’re Doping?

To a great board ran by one of our members, and no I don’t mean FFF.


I c u r complaining about txt spk. :eek:
Y r u? :confused:
2 b realistic, we r stuck with it. :smack:

I’d hang around here for a bit, using adblock to block any annoying animations that the board won’t let me cut off, while I wait to see if anyone sets up a new SDMB. If no one does, I’d just eventually stop coming and start reading one of the other 11 message boards I belong to.

Opalcat’s Fabulous Fathom Forum. Which isn’t actually up right now. So Our backup is down, it’s a crisis!

By the way, I think it’s a fun place, which I occasionally browse. Can we get a definitive Doper backup list going?

I know SkipMagic has a board too. But I know I’ve heard of many others.

I’d probably just disappear into the real world, mostly.

I don’t know. I quit one board because it was full of obnoxious people, though I still talk to some people from there that I actually like. Another board I love seems to be going down from financial pressures. I guess I’d just try to keep in touch with Dopers that I particularly like and/or look for another board.

What’s the URL again for the Evil Twin version of the SDMB?

I could handle the extra dipshits if the new owners would actually hire admins who ensured that the board didn’t time out 3 dozen times a day by providing more bandwidth. But that would never happen.

To the Devil!

Some of my favorite Dopers are at Una’s board, so for intelligent talk and friendly conversation, I’d be there.

I’d probably spend more time at my own board (it’s just a books board, but it doesn’t cost me anything, thanks to

Check out
The forums are at
On the evolutionary tree, the folks there are almost all homo sapiens. Not too far below us Dopers. :slight_smile:
They tend to be college students, but , hey,most of us Dopers were too, once.

Oh, I’d hang around on Opal’s site a bit, and probably put in my 5 bucks for metafilter.