If the SDMB crashed forever.

Two questions.

  1. Is this your favorite board? (Use favorite loosely, e.i. - easiest to use, best mods, best members, best answers, the only one with whuckfistle, etc.)

  2. What board would you migrate to if the SDMB went down indefinitely?

I’d miss you guys, even though I don’t really know any of you. This is the only message board I’m on.

I doubt I would migrate anywhere. I’d spend much less time online. The SDMB is the only board I read/sorta participate in, and one of the few sites I even really surf to on a regular basis. I mean, I suppose I could go to Fathom or UnaBoard, but I don’t post enough here in the first place.

Though I would miss a lot of people.

I’d probably just stick with the aquarium, fencing, humanist, and martial arts boards I hang at. Been spending more time those places lately anyway.

I’d probably spend more time at Fathom than I do now, and I expect I’d post more in my LJ. Or I might get a life - who can tell?

I’d like to think I’d maintain my on-line correspondence with friends I’ve made thru these boards.

Without a doubt, this is my all-time favorite board ever. None come close, IMO.

Well, I don’t know…I do frequent other boards, but I wouldn’t have the passion for them that I have here.
Here’s some other boards I frequent:
Christianity Bogus Beyond Belief (I don’t post there much at all, it’s just a little wierd website).
Vampire Forum

I also have about 50+ more forums at my house, but I don’t use them much.

I’d mourn and mourn and mourn, and there’d be no way to explain to the vast majority of the people I know in real like just what a blow I had suffered.

**Why would SDMB ever go down and out? ** I remember the outage that lasted a while…But I thought the worse that could happen would be we would have to pay for it…

Perish the thought!

Gah. Don’t tempt the ham{p}sters, whuckfistle. They’ve already figured out they’re overworked and underpaid and they might just take this as an opportunity to go on permanent strike!




Can’t even think of it.

I just want to know how high this board ranks among those that use it frequently. And if there is a close competitor.
I don`t expect it to crash.
I will perish the thought…there perished.

No other board for me.

I’d probably do more work, though I’ve just managed to get promoted while posting here during my working hours, so maybe I would find something else to occupy my time.

If the SDMB crashed forever?

First, I’d grab my duct tape, plastic sheeting and a manual can opener…

This is the only board I post to, so it is my favorite.

I wouldn’t bother posting anywhere else for a couple of reasons. I assume that this is the best board around so anything else would be a shallow interpretation. I don’t want to start all over in crafting my online persona. I have carved out a happy little niche here which I shall nurture until it canbe nurtured no more.

I’d start naming household objects after SDMB members - “Hello, vase; I’m gonna call you jjimm. Oooh, that shelf looks just like yojimbo”.

That and pay more attention to the voices in my head.

1.) Yes. Especially because it’s

I mean, when I need it, where else can I get all whuck-fistle-ey? HMMMM !!!

2.) I might go to Fathom. But probably not. Probably I’d just writhe and weep in the ashes of the SDMB.

I would cry and cry. And then I’d refresh LJ.

This is absolutely my favorite board. If it went away, I’d be very unhappy. I’d probly try to make do with other boards. Maybe I should check out this Fathom thing that several people have mentioned…

Awright, what is LJ?