If The SDMB Went Down For A Week...

What would you do? Where would you go?

I’d probably get more work done.


You know my answer.

I hang out at the offshoot boards some, but I doubt I would do so much more than I do currently. I’d likely just read more and surf around to more rarely visited venues.

I would do exactly what I do now only not come here other than once a day to see if it was up. I didn’t mark the poll since this option wasn’t there.

I’d struggle to walk to the urologist.

I don’t know what a nonnie is, but I have other, non-offshoot boards I frequent. I would miss this one more than any other, but I wouldn’t start cutting myself if this board was down for a week.

Hi Jali!
I answered “go to one of the other boards”, but I actually read about a dozen different boards by now. Not everyday of course. Then there’s the few Waves I’m participating in, and work, and my family, and …

I’d live.

If the boards go down next week, that will give me an uninterrupted window to read Under The Dome.

During the Winter of our Missed Content, I mostly went to other, non-SDMB boards. This time, I’d probably hang out more at the 'Raffe boards.