If the SDMB crashed forever.

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  1. hmmmmm… well, I’d say the SDMB is probably my favorite.
  2. Something Awful for a while, but I think I’d eventually get bored of it.

Yes, it is my favourite board (by a large margin)

If it went down? - that would be like having my head cut off - I’d like to hope that if the board were ever to close, we’d get some warning so that we could organise a mass migration to somewhere else.

The SDMB isn’t, in fact, my favorite board. It’s in second place. I imagine my life wouldn’t change at all.

This is the board I spend the most time on, but I wouldn’t die if it went offline.

I’d probably migrate to http://forums.off-topic.net

Well put. Same goes for me.

I have some other boards I’m on, I admit to it.

But this one is easily my favorite. During the Dark Times a year ago, it was rough - nothing quite matched what I’ve come to expect from a board.

What would I do if these went away for ever? I’d mourn for a while. My online life would be a little less rich - though I would continue seeking other places. Some other place would become the ‘favored’ board - but I would always miss this one.

I’ve wondered how long it can last. I’ve certainly let it become a part of my life. Do y’all really think we’ll all still be meeting here every day/night ten years from now?

I don’t know - I’ll find out whenever it goes.

I’d miss it, but I’d probably migrate to Fathom along with the rest of the Dopers, most likely. I’ve been registered over there for a couple years, but sadly I have just one post (Sorry Opal! I just can’t commit to more than one board at a time).

This is the only board I post on, and even then I don’t post all that frequently anymore. But I’d sure miss it if it went away.

This is the only board I post on at all. I’d probably go back to reading books.

Nope, not for nearly two years now. :slight_smile:


But in addition to that, what I might try doing then, if the Reader gave up on the SDMB for good, is getting together a group of the most die-hard Members here, raising some capital, create a not-for-profit corporation, coming up with a sustainable business plan for O&M costs, and then approach the Reader to offer a place for them to lease space for Cecil and his columns - maybe for $1 a month. And maintain the SDMB in a form similar to how it is now, just under new ownership, in a structure where it can be sustained by paying Members.

I’ve wondered this myself.

Will this be around in 100 years? We’ll all be legends, fodder for campfire stories.

Or maybe our community’ll eventually be divided like the tribes of Israel. lieuites, Esprixites, Scyllans, Polycarpians, Duck Duck Goosers, Mangetoutters… different boards, different themes, all under the law of the patriarch, Cecil.

:jackelope reads books !!!


We will all struggle for power in a life and death battle! In the world I see, there will be countries named after dopers…but then again my doctor said I was deranged:smiley:

At least you can gather still your thoughts in a coherent that is complete sentence.

Please consider me ‘on board’ for that plan (if I’d be wanted and if, God forbid, it ever became necessary).

It would be more than a disaster for me…i think i would have a nervous depression or something and life would just never be the same again…jeez, i shudder at the thought!

Adding a “Me too”.

The super-special back up plan: Sort of like the extra space traveling vehicle in “Contact”. :smiley:

I’d make decent grades for a change…damn wireless network in the classroom…

But MINEGA, you`ve only been a member for one month. You must have really taken to it fondly, or you were a lurker for a long time.