"Crackly" sensation in throat

Since I can remember, there’s sometimes when I experience an odd feeling in my throat. I can feel/hear a crackling sound in my throat that comes and goes. It seems to occur mostly when I’m lying down, but sometimes in other positions. I know it’s not acid reflux - I’ve had that and there’s no burning or sourness. When this crackling occurs, my stomach often doesn’t feel that great - not nauseous, but just unsettled.

What is this ‘crackling’ and what causes it?

I get that too but no stomach sensations. It feels like the crackiling is moving up the back of my neck and it is almost always when I first lay down for a nap or bedtime. It seems like something is adjusting to the new postion but I have no idea what.

And I would love to hear about what is actually going on. Are my muscles/tendons just stretching, is my neck an alien or what?

My sister had (still does, I guess) acid reflux really, really bad — and she never had the typical burning or sourness. She did have a near constant sore throat and frequent coughing.

My acid reflux more often manifests as indigestion than heartburn. To quote you: “my stomach often doesn’t feel that great - not nauseous, but just unsettled.” That’s it exactly.

I’d guess you have acid reflux.

I’d say it might be a sinus issue. I’m suffering with a nasty chest cold right now, and right after I cough, I can hear/feel sharp crackling sounds coming up from my lungs - it sounds like carbonation. I have had it before when I’ve had a cold…

I get that, too. It’s like having some Pop Rocks in the back of your throat, right?

I also have acid reflux issues, so I wonder if that’s connected.

A quick google search seems to link it to respiratory issues. I’m thinking that it may be a different kind of cracking that they’re talking about.

In other words, I can’t really help, but I am right there with you!

In my case, “crackling” occurs when I have congestion, and then lie down. As I breath more slowly and gently, the sounds of bubbles popping become apparent. This is caused by thick mucus in the bronchi (small tubes in the lungs) being displaced by the passage of air. They act like little valves, fluttering in the passing breeze.

I don’t hear or feel them when upright and/or active, probably because the sounds are relatively faint, and only seem to occur at the tail end of soft expirations.

Does this sound like it?

There is a fancy medical term for the crackling noise…see “crepitis” in your search engine.

Unfortunately, look up COPD. It’s not necessarily that diagnosis, but I’ve had the same thing lying down and my doctor says that it’s very possible that that’s what it could be. I’m only 38. But I was around my grandmother who smoked four packs Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes a day. I was exposed to secondhand smoke 24/7 basically. And supposedly secondhand smoke is worse than first hand smoke. Thank you to the cigarette companies and everyone who smoked. Hopefully, however, that’s not the case for everyone. Mine usually happens when I get a upper respiratory infection, so hopefully it is related to that. Although, I have had it happen when I did not have an infection. It was just random while I was laying down. Typically on my back or on my right side. I never tried on my stomach, or on my left side that I can think of. Good luck to everyone and I hope you find solutions.

Sorry guys, I didn’t realize this thread was clear back from 2007. I guess I need to get with the program.