What is this odd throat sensation/symptom called?

You know that feeling you get in your throat when breathing the cold air of winter (or of a an air conditioned room after being outside during a hot summer)? I seem to get that rather frequently even when I haven’t moved from one temperature to another (or, often, moved from my desk at all). So, what the heck is this symptom called so I can track down some more information on it?

It seems to most often accompany eating, or at a time when I’d normally be eating. Cold milk seems to banish it, though it’s not particularly bothersome.

Can you be more specific about what it feels like?

Globus comes to mind, as does cold-induced bronchospasm/laryngospasm/vocal fold dysfunction, or esophageal spasm/stricture (for symptoms related to eating).

Of course, maybe you are just feeling cold air in your trachea…

If this becomes too close to medical advice for you in particular, be aware the forum mod may shift this to IMHO, as no one on the Internet is able to tell you you are not about to die from a large carotid artery aneurysm about to erode through your esophagus resulting in a spectacular demise from what I incorrectly diagnosed here as GERD.

Not really. It’s not a very specific feeling, and the description I gave is the best way I can think of to describe it. It also includes a minor tightness, if that helps. It’s a very mild symptom. I’m just curious because it’s unusual and I’ve never experienced it except when temperature differentials are involved.

Also, I’m not looking for possible causes. Just a word for the symptom. If I were describing a watery stool with a frequent need to defecate, the answer would be diarrhea, not IBS, Crohn’s disease, etc.