Craft Help Needed!

Aaack…I never thought I would post a thread with the word “craft” in the title…but here goes.

I have a t-shirt that I ordered for the birth of our daughter. When the nurse was doing the footprint ink stamp for her records, she suggested that we stamp her footprints on said shirt. She said that there was some sort of product I could get at the local Ben Franklin (a craft store) that would, I guess, fix or seal the inked prints so that they would not come out in the wash.

Welllllll…no one seems to know what the hell I’m talking about when I go into fabric stores or Ben Franklin. Someone else suggested “heat sealing” it by ironing with a piece of white paper over and under the prints.

Any ideas? Martha Stewart ain’t returning my phone calls. Even mrs beagledave (who has the recessive version of the craft gene) is drawing a blank (and seems to be busy these days…go figure)

I don’t think the ink will wash out anyway- if it does (you’ll know after a wash or two), restamp them with fabric paint.

I’m coming up empty on web searches specifically for this type of item, but I’m actually on my way out the door to go to the craft store. We must be on the same wavelength, because I’m doing a fabric paint stamp project this weekend. I’m taking baby bibs/burp cloths with little feet, bottles, and rattle stamps on them. I’d love to send you one!

I’ll look in the fabric paint department and let you know what I find :slight_smile: I’m guessing it’s just plain sealer spray, but I’ll poke around and find out if I can.


rubber stampers are the goddesses of this.

there are special inks and paints used in rubber stamping for fabrics. One company that specializes in stamps for fabric is Hot Potatoes that sells (on line) a paint that is used. spread it on her little feet with a foam sponge (it’ll tickle) stamp away and it’ll wash off her feet w/o problem. Good company, reputable, the woman who started it is a terrific person (she started the company after staining a favorite sweatshirt and created a stamp out of a potato to cover it up) quick on delivery, too if memeory serves hot potatoes others can be used, but for the purpose (permanent on the fabric not permanent on baby’s foot) this is the one I’d recommend. Jaquard Textile Paint.

How about scanning in the footprints, and bring the graphic to a store that can put a computer image onto a T-shirt? I’ve done that before (i.e. had a computer graphic printed on a T-shirt).

Thanks for the ideas guys…a friend brought by something that might work…I’ll try it on an old t-shirt later…