craft ideas for tabs

Over the past two years I have amassed a large collection of soda can tabs. The front two pockets of my unused laptop case hold them and I have a smaller fistful of these little items on my dresser.
What can I do with them? I’m already aware of the soda can tab belt but I haven’t been able to find anything beyond that on the web. So I come crawling to you fine folks in hopes some may have ideas or tips on using these items.
I was thinking about making a chainmail shirt but I’m certain I’d need a heck of a lot more.

Years ago, 20, 25 maybe, there was a book published about some guy who used these tabs to make many things. Can’t remember the title of the book, but the guy’s name was “Pop Top Tate.” IIRC, one of the book photos has him wearing a balaclava made from said tabs. Good luck Googling.