Crafty Dopers, share your projects!

Contrary, I love your dresses, they are so adorable. I WISH I was having a niece instead of a nephew so I could sew her pretty dresses.

Lissla Lissar, I LOVE your dresses, what a great idea. I am totally going to make some for myself.

Shirley Ujest, any ideas for a SDMB Ravelry group name? I’m thinking it would at least need something id’ing it as SDMB-related…

AuntiePam, your quilts are AMAZING!! I especially love the string quilt. I really love any kind of “charm” or scrap quilt which is made up of dozens of different fabrics.

Keep the photos coming!

And any other knitters on Ravelry, be sure to add me to your friends! I am brookeln on Ravelry.

(I hope this counts because I do a lot of sewing!)

I’m starting on a real neat winged box kite. It’ll be about 6’ tall and be of red ripstop nylon.
Its fun to build and even more fun to fly!!!

Contrary, those dresses (and the bebeh!) are so cute!

Awesome quilts, AuntiePam! I really like the String Quilt.

I’m with Contrary re: knitting. I’ll throw in cross stitch, too. Little Plastic Ninja, just reaading your description of what’s involved gave me a headache.

I’ve been doing beadweaving for a while, but I finally decided to try my hand at bead embroidery.

Here’s one piece and here’s another.

You are an evil, evil woman. And speak the truth.

I’ve found some cheap needles and yarn at thrift stores and yard sales, which might be good for someone wanting to just starting out.

I’m going to work on connecting all the panels for the bedspread-sized afghan I knitted over the past year - winter wheat panels about a foot wide alternating with black panels about 6 inches wide (my bedroom is furnished in a Asian theme, with a lot of black and cream). I was going to sew them all together with either a crochet chain stitch or a whip stitch, but I think somebody on this very board posted a link showing a way to connect knitted panels with no visible stitching, so I’m going to try that.

I also have a metric buttload of unfinished projects of various crafty types (cross-stitch, beading, jewelry-making, etc.) that I’d like to try to finish during the slow summer semester.

I love those pieces, they are so unique and beautiful. I looked at some of your other pieces and they are amazing. They are much more gorgeous than any expensive gold or diamond stuff you’d get at a jewelry store. I have been wanting to get into beading and jewelry making for a while. That may be my next learning project - you have inspired me!

I only recently learned to knit after about thirty years crocheting. It’s SO SLOW.

Lately I’ve been crocheting yoga mat bags and grocery bags from kitchen cotton. The yoga mat bags are to be bartered for classes at my yoga studio. Good trade.

I’m on Ravelry as Gingy.

(That was totally NOT five minutes, stupid edit window)

Last month I crocheted about twenty chemo caps for a charity. This month I’ve done (so far) 26 face cloths for a different charity.

Yoga Mat bag
face cloths
Market bag

I also spin, but I’m currently on hiatus due to my wrist hurting. Link to my spinning pictures.

I’m currently on a dishcloth knitting kick (got tired of socks, plus Peaches and Cream cotton is cheap). I’m also knitting a scarf out of some really gaudy but soft Bernat super bulky. I’d love to try my hand at a sweater or a top, but I don’t want to use el cheapo acrylic, and good yarn isn’t in my budget right now. I did buy some green Red Heart to make a Sabre-Toothed Lime, though, an idea I got off Ravelry, where I too have been spending hours drooling and queuing.

My user name there is the same as here, if anyone wants to add me to their friends!

We’re having a slumber party this week, and one of the gals is a knitter-crocheter. I’m gonna ask her to bring some yarn and show me how to make those dish cloths. I love those!

I really love your Sea Mist/Sassy-Ass bag! And your spun yarn is great. My favorite is the purply spun yarn.

Alas, with moving I’ve had to put off crafting. I blame that and pregnancy for my grumpiness.

Great projects guys!
I’ve still to finish off a few washcloths/dishcloths, I might be able to sneak those in while no one is looking.
And FYI, Michaels has Sugar and Cream on sale for $1.00, I’ll be adding to my stash for sure.

Ging, I’m completely green with envy over your wheel. I’ve been wanting to spin for over a year now.
(But nooo, I wanted to move see…)

Thank you, nyctea scandiaca! I hope many people with money to burn come to the shows I’m doing this summer and feel the same way.

I owe a debt of thanks to Twickster for the bead embroidery pieces, as they are an outgrowth of a whole lot of new things I tried while taking part in Thing-A-Day, about which I learned from our very own Twicks, right here on this very board.

AuntiePam and Marlitharn, I think the knitted dish clothes are too pretty to actually use. Doesn’t it kill you to see them get all dirty and used up?

Hi my name is Chrissy and I’m an intermittent crafter!

During a show in February that only had like 5 light cues, I made a mess of hats and scarves. All of those are crocheted. I’ve got more pictues, I just haven’t gotten them posted.

I bought a book on crocheted socks so I’m going to give that a while next.

I’m teaching myself to knit and was going CRAZY until a member of another board pointed me to a video of doing knitting with continental stitches.

I’ve been sewing since I was 8 or 9 but really haven’t done much of it lately because I have no space to spread out.

I’ve taken some beading classes but just can’t seem to get the hang of it. I think it’s because I can’t see how to design things in my head.

I used to do counted cross stitch but haven’t in 10 years or so.

Does anyone sell their stuff through Etsy?

Chrissysissystar, you made me laugh. Well do I remember long boring hours in the booth, waiting for the next light cue. You made much better use of your time than I ever did! (See my upthread post about knitters.)

I do freeform bead work because I can neither design anything in my head nor follow a pattern. I start working and let it evolve. (It is, perhaps, an appalling metaphor for my life, since I can never seem to see beyond that which is immediately in front of me!)

I have an Etsy site (PM me if you want the URL), through which I have sold exactly one thing. But that’s OK with me. When I do shows, people always ask me if I have a website and it allows me to say, “Yes, I do!”

I just came in to say you all stink. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have time to craft anymore. :mad:

I’ve been doing lots more spinning and dyeing than knitting lately, partly because my main knitting project involves knitting an edging around a 1000+ st square shawl. It’s not hard, but the tedium is overwhelming sometimes. So I’ve set myself to learning how to spin cotton well.

I’ve also been doing a little dyeing. Here’s my handspund dyed with Queen Anne’s Lace.

And I’m Archergal5219 on Ravelry. :slight_smile:

I completely forgot to mention that we’ve already got a Ravelry group for SDMB/LJ people. Ravelry

I love your work, especially your Dragon Wing Shawl. I have put that pattern into my queue!

Edited to add: AND I love your doggies!!

Cool! I’m there! (I just joined Ravelry a few days ago, still getting my bearings.)

I’ve just started making them, but I figure they knit up so fast if one gets ruined (which would probably take a while, they’re sturdy little things) I’ll have a bunch more to replace it. I’m finding they’re really good for learning different stitches and techniques.

Everyone’s work is beautiful.

The only thing I do is cross stitch, which creatively is on par with paint-by-number, but I like the results and it keeps my hands busy.

I’m back to working on my giant piece, Belles of the Ball. If I ever finish this one, I think I’m going to do some blackwork next - maybe a medieval knight and lady that I did as a gift for someone last year. I thought blackwork might be boring, but it was actually very soothing to work a pattern in a single color.