Craig Ferguson Marries, My Heart Breaks

Sorry, no link, I am too depressed. I stayed up late to watch him last night and learned the horrific news. So much for my plans to become a famous celebrity, get on his show and sweep him off his feet. sigh I guess I have nothing left to hope for and can only fantasize about him now. My cheeky Scottish monkey. sniff

I suppose there really isn’t much to discuss here unless some others would like to commiserate with me. But I hold him no ill will and I’d still like to see him get an earlier time slot.

Hes been divorced twice, so don’t let the dream die just yet.

Link to feel better.

He is just immensely attractive, isn’t he? Cute and silly…my kind of guy.

Don’t forget the Scottish accent!

He’s devastatingly fuckable. The accent just puts him over the top!

“Devastatingly fuckable” I highly concur.

I’ve had a crush on him since he was Mr. Wick on The Drew Carey Show.

He sticks just enough gay innuendo into his routines to make us gay guys hope, too.

He’s adorable–did anyone else see him on Million Dollar Password on Sunday? He was so good!

Well, I do now.

Yeah, I’ll commiserate here. We were talking about a Jon Stewart/Craig Ferguson sandwich on these here boards awhile ago, and that sounded pretty damned good to me. Stupid wives. Stupid living 2000 miles away. Stupid being miles and miles out of my league. (I take comfort in the fact that comedians are probably a real pain in the ass to actually live with.)

“Just enough”? Every other sentence is “just enough”? :slight_smile:

What is it about those Scots that is so damn charming?