Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan dies at 46

Kind of a shock for me. First, I was a fan back in the '90s, and second, she was younger than I am.

That plus I had a big crush on her.

Wow, shock. So sad.

RIP Delores.

I loved the song Salvation when it came out. I liked the Cranberries’ previous work but this seemed like a bit of a departure for them with a harder edge to the song.

They were not in my favored genre (60-80’s rock), but even I liked their hits, and they remain in my daily random playlist. So young, so sad.

Linger- Live

What a magnificent voice. RIP Dolores.

Whaaaat? No way! She’s so young…

I have the Cranberries’ two most successful albums on my phone and listen to them front-to-back a few times a year. Loved them back in the day.

“Oh holy crap!”

My reaction on seeing the thread title. Damn. Very sorry to hear that.


Got all the albums, one of my favourite groups of recent decades. Great music, great voice, and damn pretty as well. RIP.

I loved their work. Very sad.

Way, way too young. RIP, Mulva.

Such a loss. My gawd she had a voice on her, and the moxie to use it.
Such a loss.

Ah, no. She was really talented.

May God bless her and embrace her.

Such very sad news to wake to. My kids are huge fans of Zombie, young as they are, because the 90s never ended on my playlist. Fantastic song, and a great, distinctive voice. RIP.

muttering to self Too soon, too soon, don’t do it…

Ach no, Dolores. May you have found the peace that so often eluded you in life.

She had a beautiful voice. RIP, Dolores. :frowning:

Very sad and unexpected.

And yet somehow Shane McGowan is still alive.

Sad to hear this. :frowning: