Crawford says: "Vote for Kerry". Time to stick a fork in Bush?

As a psuedo-counterpoint to this thread:

Humorous tweaking of Weirddave’s thread aside, is this another sign of eroding support among Bush’s base? The paper was in support of Bush and the Iraq war back in 2003, but has apparently been disillusioned by the facts and Bush’s unilateralist policies. What do the tea leaves say in Karl Rove’s cup?

Yep. Kerry’s got a lock now. Might as well forget about campaigning-- the election is over, baby!

If even one percent of the readers are swayed by their endorsement, well, that’s 4 votes right there.

Eisenhower’s Son Endorses Kerry

This is and has always been Kerry’s election to lose (it’s a referendum on a sitting Prez who’s made a total mess of everything he’s touched in 4 years) but there’s still time for the Democrats to do what they seem to do best: snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

I do like the idea of sticking a fork into Bush though.

::wonders if the Secret Service will be paying a visit to my apartment to discuss Forks as a Medium of Assasination::

Bush will also fail to win much support in his real home town of New Haven, Connecticut.

Squink pointed out that Dwight Eisenhower’s son has endorsed Kerry, but he’s not the only descendent of Republican families to do so. Prominent New York City investment banker Theodore Roosevelt IV has also supported John Kerry. Roosevelt has supported Kerry financially, but has preferred not to make a very big deal out of this support, because he doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s writing off his party—just that he’s writing off George W. Bush, I imagine. This was reported in the New York Observer back in the summer.

Yep. It’s on this page, 6th paragraph down:

And let’s not forget Ron Reagan’s Case Against George W. Bush.

I wonder how much precedent there is for this kind of thing. Anyone know?

That Ron has a beef with GWB is not a shocking revelation. Just because he’s the son of Ronald doesn’t mean he has the same political leanings. If it was Michael Reagan, then that would be a shocking revelation.