Craziest positions of presidential candidates? Dems and Pubs all welcome!

I don’t know enought about the positions of our presidential candidates to write them off as the political hacks or nutjobs they probably all are. So, please educate me. What are the most off-the-wall positions they hold? I’d appreciate it if you could include a link to put their comment into some kind of context.

I’ll start with a couple:

  1. Tom Tancredo (Rep) – Nuke Mecca if Muslim fundies attack us again.

  2. Hillary Clinton – The Iraqi government is to blame for the debacle in Iraq.

Please add more.

Kucinich - Reparations. 18:46 of Youtube debates.

Kucinich: Creating a cabinet-level “Department of Peace” (from wiki article).

All right someone else has got to admit to this . . .
Who else thought that the title to this thread referred to sexual positions of politicians and jammed their finger in opening this thread?

Ron Paul’s gold standard deserves a nod.

I’d say Ron Paul, while not exactly crazy, does diverge from the mainstream more than any other candidate.

If you mean jammed their fingers into their eyes…

Another vote for Paul and the gold standard.

No comment…

Romney wants to double the size of Gitmo.

Obama wants to talk to the president of Canada.

I’ve always respected McCain, even though I don’t always agree w/ him, but his belief that we can solve Iraq’s political problems by maintaing our current military occupation is total folly. Sure, it’s going to be a mess, for many years, if we pull out, but I don’t see any other choice. We should never have gone in w/o the support of several Muslim govt’s, but it is what it is and I can’t see the U.S. presence solving their internal problems, only postponing thw inevitable while costing us dearly in lives and money.
Same goes for the other candidates who support “stay the course”.


Between this, and his desire to invade Pakistan (a nuclear power who is more-or-less our ally), Barak seems to be getting pretty good at shooting himself in the foot. At this rate, he’ll be the Dem’s version of President Bush in no time :smiley: