Crazy cat people, what do you think?

Would you wear this on a T-shirt or sweater?

I’m not a crazy cat person, but I will say that it will be really hard to read it under your Snuggie.

We only have two, but I’d wear it.

That’s good.

I sent it to a friend who runs an animal rescue organization, for making into a t-shirt for fundraising. So I wanted to check if people would like it.

I wouldn’t *wear *it, but I’d probably get it on a magnet or a coffee mug or something. You should suggest that they consider other items in addition to shirts.

I wouldn’t bother with it - I just wear cat hair.

No needs, got me fur.

I wouldn’t wear it either, and I’d like it on a coffee mug or a trivet. I might get a shirt like that for my daughter, though, and she WOULD wear it.

I think my wife has it on a tee shirt.

Same here. I think they’d probably sell more if they were able to do things other than T-shirts.

Archie McPhee has the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, Board Game, and Cat Food Scented Soap !

Okay, I’ll forward your suggestions.

That’s awesome.

By the way, does anyone know why crazy cat ladies are depicted as having permenant bad hair days? We have beautiful hair- all over everything.

31 yo single guy with two cats and I would totally wear that shirt and I’m thinking of buying the board game because I love board games.

I think it’s cute. Probably just wear it around the house, though.

No but I would totally get this. I gave up wearing tshirts with stuff written on them unless it’s a free band shirt. (and there’s nothing new about cat hair)