Crazy Larry's Pizza

We ate there a couple of nights ago because Mrs. Plant v. 3.0 (AKA The New and Improved Mrs. Plant, but I digress) likes the buffet.
I had cheese pizza, meat lover’s, supreme.
But they also have…strange pizza.
Veggie Pizza. Baked Potato Pizza. Chicken Pizza. Barbecued Chicken Pizza.
Mrs. Plant v. 3.0 told me I’d get some if I tried the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pizza.
I told her I’d abuse myself after she went to sleep.


OK,after reading that veggie pizza and barbecue chicken pizza are weird, I was going to say “Welcome to the 1990s,” but I will grant you that peanut butter and chocolate chip pizza is, well, weird.

Is it some sort of “dessert pizza” section that this was found in?

More importantly, does the peanut butter and chocolate pizza also have tomato sauce and cheese on it? If it does, it graduates from “weird” to “vomitocious.”

Young people wander about the restaurant, calling out what kind of pizza it is.
“Mayonnaise and Maple Syrup!”


You must understand, I did not examine the PB and chocolate pizza very closely; I was eating at the time. It resembled a Hersey’s semi sweet chocolate bar that had been left in the car on a hot August afternoon with white stripes in it. No sign of tomato sauce.
Sort of like smores with pizza crust instead of graham crackers.

But what if the pizza crust was made out of graham crackers? That would be delicious.

There’s a place around here that does potato pizza with bacon. It’s great, especially with their damn good stout. Did I mention that the place is also a micro brewery?

Elvis used to eat mashed potatoes using pieces of bacon to scoop them up.
That doesn’t make it Right.

I don’t dare impair my judgement in the slightest at Crazy Larry’s.

In central Arkansas why would you eat pizza anywhere else than U.S. Pizza Company?

Probably drizzled with white chocolate.

Dessert pizza is delicious. The pizza dough itself isn’t (usually) savory, so if you just swap out the toppings it can make a good base for a sweet dessert. And peanut butter + chocolate actually sounds fairly restrained, as far as dessert pizzas go. I’d bet it was pretty good, actually.

They’re good, but crowded and expensive.
They do have the virtue of no Smore pizza, though.

I haven’t lived in Little Rock in over 17 years. Back in the day there were only two locations of US Pizza. We always ate at the original one in Hillcrest in the old gas station. It was cheap and hardly ever crowded. But times change.

That’s not the joint that is now the Greek Gyro place, is it?
The only US Pizza I know of is on JFK in North Little Rock. It is quite swank, but very good.

The original US Pizza is on Kavanaugh Blvd. in the Hillcrest neighborhood, north of the Medical Center on Markham. I believe it’s still a US Pizza location.

In an ancient brick building with “Heights Lodge xxx” on a massive lentil.
Just down the road from the gyro joint. :slight_smile:

That the one in the Heights neighborhood, that’s also on Kavanugh. The original is in an old service station, down the hill from the Heights, south of Cantrell.

I was once at a place that served apple pie pizza. I didn’t have a slice, but it looked delicious. No, it didn’t have tomato sauce, cheese, or onions on it.

There’s a place here we always order from that has excellent barbecue chicken pizza and taco pizza. If it weren’t so expensive I’d never eat any other pizza again, ever.