Crazy New Rules in Sports that you'd like to see

Looking at the two threads about fouls in basketball and what rules you would like to see adopted from one sport to another reminded me of a rule that my friend in college wanted to see adopted.

In basketball, when one team is behind another by a significant ammount, say 20 points or more, they can automatically tie the score if a player can bounce the ball off an opponent’s head and it goes into the basket.

Of course this sounds absurd, but wouldn’t that be more interesting to see in a blowout than the team that’s ahead soaking up the time while the team that’s behind tries to hack them into fouling for the last 5 minutes of a game? And yes, accomplishing this would be nearly impossible, but weren’t slam dunks nearly impossible 40 or so years ago?

Therefore, I am all in favor of this rule being adopted in basketball at the pro and college level. If it is, you might even get me to watch it.

All in favor?

September 14, 2011: NBA announces “instant comeback rule” where losing teams can tie a game if the ball goes off an opponent’s head and into the basket.

September 15, 2011: Funeral services will be held next week for three NBA players who sustained massive head trauma…

I would like football to be played on fields of varying sizes, like baseball does with its ballparks.
Imagine some fields that were really narrow or very wide; some much longer than normal; others with small hills.
Great fun.

No matter what the score is, if your Seeker catches the Quaffle, your team automatically wins.

Not a rule per se, but I’d like to change the selection process for the NHL All-Star Game (hell, any All-Star Game, really.)

First stage, there’s fan voting. Fans can vote for whomever they please up until a cut-off date.

After the cut-off date has passed, the top two vote getters become the captains of the two teams. For example, let’s say it’s Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin.

Crosby and Ovechkin then select the players schoolyard style. Let’s say Crosby wins the voting. He gets first pick. Then Ovechkin gets two picks. Then Crosby two picks, etc., until the teams are full.

Finally, each player on the winning team gets a bonus of $100,000 USD. The losers get nothing.

I’d also like to see BlueOhio’s idea of different sized playing surfaces brought to hockey. I’d love to watch the Caps or Penguins work a power play on a 150-foot wide ice surface. (85 is the standard now.)

Are you saying that a basketball player wouldn’t be able to survive getting hit in the head with the basketball once in a while? Soccer players use their heads all the time and they don’t get hurt.

Maybe we could get basketball players helmets or something.

I would love to see the basketball rim raised to 12 feet. Get rid of this crap where someone can just happen to grow big, then use their ass to shove people out of the way and dunk. Make it a game of skill and finesse.

In baseball, one simple rule change: The batter may begin running the bases in either direction. There can be 2 men on one base if they are going in opposite directions. You could not only have a double or triple play but up to a sextuple play! And a real grand slam would result in seven runs!

Soccer players both know the hit is coming, and hit the ball with suitable parts of their head. Plus an NBA basketball is significantly heavier than a soccer ball.
Still, getting a basket off someone’s head doesn’t take a tremendous amount of force. See this example; the victim is still shaken up.

Imagine a 1,000 yard field, with massive movable stands mounted on rails which can follow the ball (future tech). If nothing else it would favor teams which went for big plays, but with 4 downs (nobody is going to punt) and a secondary playing 3 deep, you could probably also succeed with some good old fashioned ball control too.

This is the case in Australian rules football, designed to be played on cricket grounds which vary quite substantially in size.

Another new baseball rule. There are still nine innings, and still 27 outs. But the arrangement of them is a little different.

In one inning, you get one out.
In another inning, you get two outs.
In another inning, you get four outs.
And in another inning, you get five outs.
The rest of the innings, you get the usual three outs.

Managers may choose the innings where they want to have irregular number of outs, but they must do so at the pre-game meeting with the umpire at home plate.

Nah. Then you’d have to completely change out all those rims on basketball courts across the country. Why go to all that trouble when you could just say that the five people on the floor can be no taller than a combined 30 feet tall. Want a couple big 7’ guys? Sure - but you have to average the other three out to 5’4".

This would give the winning team a weird incentive not to score once they were ahead by 19 points though, and give the loosing team a weird incentive to try and give them the ball instead of trying to score themselves. I think the end result would be really boring games in situations where the rule looked like it might become relevant.

**Twelve inning football. ** This was proposed and tried a few times: the idea is that each team is given the ball twelve times and keeps it until they either score, turn it over, or have to punt. The other team then gets a chance to score. The clock is no longer a factor.

The same guy who proposed this also proposed Three-set baseball. Each game consists of three, three-inning sets. The team ahead at the end of the third inning gets one set and the score is reset. If a team scores a bunch of runs in the first inning, the other team gets a chance to come back.

Finally, there isn’t a sport that wouldn’t be improved by trying any one of the rules of 43-Man Squamish..

(I’d like to preface the following change by acknowledging that yes, this would make the games a lot more about luck and less about skill. And no, I don’t care, it would be a lot of fun!)

Soccer and hockey should have 2 balls/pucks on the field at once.


I also think boxing can be improved by making the ring bigger and having team boxing, 2 vs. 2.

Any racing event such as distance running or sprinting can be improved by having a hungry animal chase the runners

Also, any car racing and horse racing sports can no longer call themselves sports.

Backgammon Baseball?



Every player but the Goalies.

Having referees in the game, optional.

Put basketball players in roller skates. Raise the baskets to 12 feet. Put everyone in hockey pads and helmets. Allow body checking. In fact, forget the basketball!

HA! I like it.

In all seriousness, I would like to see a game like basketball, but full contact. I would remove the three point line, and points in the paint would be worth three, alley-oops worth four (2 for each player, see?). Its like hockey, only those of us with bad eyes don’t have to follow a tiny black puck for 2 hours. Win-win!