Crazy people shouldn't cut hair

Last week I let this fucknut cut my hair. It looked fine in the salon, after he put about 3 pounds of mousse in it and spent 30 minutes blowdrying it. But it looks AWFUL now, and I can’t make it work. I said I wanted it cut to turn under, with a little light layering in the back for body–the same cut I’ve had a dozen times before. NONE of it will turn under, even after I blow dry it on a roll brush and use a curling iron. It looks like there is a dent in the back of my head. Ordinarily, if I wasn’t happy with a cut, I’d go back and have them fix it, but I don’t want this guy anywhere near my hair, and I paid WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for it to look this bad. I can’t afford to have someone else fix it, either. I’m so utterly pissed. That’s all–I just wanted to vent. Have a nice day.

“**Crazy people shouldn’t cut hair **”

That probably goes without saying.

I’m sorry, October. I’ve had bad haircuts before and it seriously sucks.

I’ve actually had the same guy cut my hair since I was 14. Even when I lived in NYC, I would try to come down to VA to get my hair cut by him because he’s the only one who knows how to really cut it. I have incredibly thick, wavy, long hair and NO ONE can cut it correctly except him (and now one of his co-workers, but I still prefer him). Everyone else tries to razor cut my hair, but he will NOT use a razor on my hair because it makes it frizzy and frayed after a week. Everyone else likes the razor.

He did my hair for my brother’s wedding - a very simple half pulled back style - and he’s going to do my own hair when I get married. He knows I like simple and I can usually put myself in his hands and walk away happy. I love my stylist:).


I think his brother cut my hair 2 weeks ago. The guy I usually go to was out of town so I tried a new salon. I wanted a bob. I’ve had that style before and if you do it right it is extremely low maintenance. It looked great when I left the shop but horrible the next day. The hair underneath was too long and choppy. One side was almost half an inch longer than the other. This is really noticeable when your hair is chin-length. I went back and absolutely refused to let this guy touch me. Got someone else there to try to fix it, but she seems to have gotten her training at the same place as Idiot With Scissors. Curling irons and round brushes don’t work on this cut, either.

My guy is back in his shop Tuesday. I’m camping out on his doorstep.

How would you like it cut cut cut cut slice stab blood murder fun, bastard!?

hehe, i thought the title meant for crazy people to grow long hair and beards so we can tell them apart from the rest of us sane people…like those derelicts (sp?) on the street corners.

My daughter and I used to go to the various chains, with bad luck about 75% of the time. Now we go to a high-end beauty school, and we love it. We’ve both got long hair (mine is almost waist length, and hers is down to her shoulderblades).

What are you complaining about? I once had a barber who was just a demon about things like this.
On a separate note, anyone up for a meat pie?

I cut my own hair. I give myself a discount for word-of-mouth and everyone seems to like what I do.

Hmmm, maybe it was the five years I spent as a dog groomer…

I get a short-back-and-sides job roughly once every ten months. Works for me. Admittedly, at the start of the ten months, I look as though I’ve recently been released from prison, and towards the end I look as though I’ve recently escaped from a maximum-security mental hospital, but, hey, it’s low-maintenance, and you can’t argue with that, can you?

I cut my own hair, though I might stop now after reading your title :slight_smile: . It’s almost to my waist and I just put ponytail holders down the length. Then I pull it forward and cut off an inch. It’s free and I don’t have to worry about someone interpreting a “trim” as “cut off 6 inches”.