crazy random car accident

I was just driving home, and was about to go through an intersection with a green light. A car that was stopped on the cross street to my left started inching forward and then decided to either go straight or turn left in front of me. I swerved to the right to avoid hitting it and swerved back left to get back in my lane, and my car started spinning in circles (it was very cinematic!).

The side hit the divider, knocking my foot on to the accelerator, sending my car in a faster spin and into the oncoming traffic lane. Thankfully no cars were heading towards me. I managed to get my foot off the accelerator and back on the brake pedal and pull over. Then I turned around to face the proper direction and headed home, heart racing.

The metal underneath my rear passenger door is a little ripped up and the door is harder to open and close. There’s a burny smell which I assume is burned rubber from squealing tires. I’ll have to take another look n the morning when it’s light out. Other than adrenaline overload I seem to be fine…

The other driver didn’t stop?

Damn, he owes you, IMHO.
ETA, or maybe they did. Sounds like you never got out of the car.

After the third time that I spun in a circle I lost track of the other car lol. When I finally stopped and caught my bearing, I didn’t see any cars obviously parked anywhere, and no other cars seemed to have been involved, and I wouldn’t have been able to identify the car that caused it, so I didn’t see any reason to stick around.

I really can’t imagine what the hell they were thinking tho! They didn’t blow through a red light. They were stopped at one and made a conscious decision to go forward even though they had a red light, and even though I was clearly almost in the intersection and not slowing down. Sometimes cops will do that when they are impatient but they always use their flashy lights first.

People do weird things. My guess would be brain fart - sitting at the red light, not paying attention to anything, and then coming to and hitting the gas without checking the light first. I dunno. I got nothing. Glad you’re okay, though.