Crazy things to do in New York

Okay, here’s the deal. Me and two of my buddies are turning 40 in 2014.

We’ve decided we want to spend something like 4-5 days in New York to celebrate. No wives. No girlfriends. No kids.

We kind of see this as one last bash full of ‘youthful’ indescretions and poor decisions.

We’ve all been given one day to organize something incredible and unique. We’re not millionaires, but we’re all comfortably upper middle class and we’re willing to spring for this one-time opportunity, so price isn’t really an object.

We’re going in the Spring, say April-June.

Things like a Yankees game, a broadway show or a comedy night are all interesting, but we’re looking for something less common, something…amazing.

I don’t know about recommending illegal acts on this board, but we’re willing to go there. Something shady, something dangerous, is definitely in play.

New York’s hottest club is Taste. Nightlife designer Tranny Griffith is back with an all-new club that answers the question Huh?!? Don’t look for a bouncer – there isn’t one. Instead the door’s guarded by ten jacked homeless guys in old-fashioned bathing suits. And inside it’s just sick: ice sculptures, winos, Germufs – German smurfs – a Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara, an old lady wearing Kid 'N Play hair, and none other than DJ Baby Bok Choy…He’s a giant 300-pound Chinese baby who wears tinted aviator glasses and he spins records with his little ravioli hands.

Thanks, Stefan. Sounds intriguing. I’ll look for it.

Too bad Circle Line Tours seems to have stopped their operations. Circle Line Tours - Improv Everywhere :slight_smile:

You can go Kayaking off manhattan with Manhattan Kayak Company if you’re into that. They have trips to the Statue of Liberty.

NYC seems like the wrong place to do this kind of trip to me, though I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get into some trouble there. Try and find some old episodes of Insomniac with Dave Attell… He always finds the late night crazy.

I’d recommend Atlantic City or New Orleans if you really want to go nuts.


This seems pretty cool. Anybody know anything about it?

I’ve used a different company ( but it was fun.