Crease or no crease.

Now that the really important issue of pleats vs flat front trousers has been finally laid to rest, perhaps it’s safe to ask these questions:

  1. On flat front trousers… do you iron/press a crease down the center (front & back) or not?

Me… I prefer not. Even on dressier slack. But on suits, always a sharp crease.

  1. Inseam length?

I always hem my slacks long enough to make sure the pant “breaks” at the shoe. Usually 1.5" extra inches of material longer than my inseam in shoes does just the right amount of breaking without having me step on the back of the hem. (I like it a little long.)

RE trousers: As long as they cover my legs, are dark coloured, and clean. Meh.

These are my rules for me, but I believe they can apply for a guy just as well.

  1. I usually take a guide from how the trousers were when I bought them - if they came with a crease, I leave it in. I don’t add one if it wasn’t there in the first place.

  2. Inseam length - needs a nice break as you mentioned. I’d say about 1-2cm above the ground at the back of the shoe - this means when you sit or cross your legs, the trouser leg does not ride up too much, but is not long enough to step on. When in doubt, leave a little long. Wear the shoes you plan to wear with them when hemming to make sure heel height is taken into consideration too (especially important for them women).

Oh, and IIRC from a previous career in retail clothing, clothes will shrink about 3% in the length, so wash first before you alter to get the length juuusst right.

I don’t know what you are talking about except in the vaguest of ways. And I’m OK with that. I am wearing pants.

FWIW, I think any slacks need to be creased. And no jeans should be.