Some tailoring questions

I got some nice dress pants for Christmas. They need to be hemmed on the bottom.

Should I get cuffs? How big? I live in NYC, but do not work at a bank if that makes any difference.
Also, I got a nice dress shirt. (Brooks Brothers) The sleeves are too long but I seem to have tossed the gift receipt. :smack: Can I get the sleeves shortened?

Whether you get cuffs depends on whether you like them. Rules about banks and such are mostly of concern to bank employees.

Cuffs are typically 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" thick, unless your pants (or you :)) are unusually wide.

You can have shirtsleeves shortened. Typically it’s done from the shoulder, to keep the taper of the sleeve looking right.

Pants cuffs are pretty out now. However, if you like cuffs, get your pants cuffed. And shirt sleeves can be shortened, would probably cost between $15-$20.

Cuffs are more commonly seen on pleated pants. I’ve heard it said that the extra weight of the cuffs keeps the pleats in place, but that may just be a legend.

If you’re short in stature, cuffs may make you look shorter.