Anybody know about dress shirt alterations?

I’m on the hunt for a job, and I need to buy a dress shirt that I can button all the way up and wear a tie with. I’m an average-sized guy; I wear a medium tee shirt. Unfortunately I also have an 18-inch neck, which means anything off the shelf wears like a circus tent on me. That’s an XXL, if I recall correctly.

I know I’ll have to have a shirt tailored, but cost is a factor. Should bring the tailor a shirt that fits my neck and have him redo all the other seams to make the shirt fit? That seems like it would be easier to just make a whole shirt from scratch. Or maybe the opposite… is widening the neck something a tailor can do? I don’t see how, if it’s still going to button up at the top.

The shop is closed up for the night, and I’m eager to find out what my options are. Can anybody clue me in?

My suggestion would be to get custom-made shirts. Though more expensive, it sounds like for you it may be worth it. I remember seeing a place at my local mall that would make shirts for about $80 a pop if you bought a few at a time, but can’t remember the name of the store… But even if you buy a modest dress shirt at $40, and look at absolutely no less than another $30 to tailor it, suddenly a custom made shirt is quite reasonable, probably of better quality, will likely last longer, and be less hassle.

For more money, of course, you can get nice Brooks Brothers custom made shirts: Lnik.

At nicer men’s stores, you should also be able to find tapered, athletic, or slim fit shirts. They aren’t terribly common yet, but I think Joseph Banks carries them as “tailored fit” or something like that.

Good luck.

Thanks! I will look into that.

Take a look at Lands End as well. They also have custom dress shirts, which start at $49.50. Of course, you need to provide your measurements on their website along with descriptions of your chest, stomach, arm and body proportions. If you can do so accurately, you might be able to get custom shirts at a good price. If not, you might want to get your shirts someplace where a trained tailor measures you.