Creating a DVD from iMovie

I’m trying to help someone burn a DVD disc of a video that has been edited in iMovie. The hardware we have is a new Apple eMac with external LaCie DVD writer connected via firewire. Software is iMovie, CaptyDVD and Toast, the last two of which were supplied with the DVD drive. We were told that this is all that we need to create a DVD that can be played in most DVD players.

The question is: how? We’ve been going round in circles trying to fathom it all out, and the help files are not helping. It also doesn’t help that neither of us are Apple people and it feels like we’re complete computer novices.

Can it be done with what we’ve got or have we been misled? If it can be done, what do we do? Any help will be MUCH appreciated.

Try here or here

Thanks BD, the forum was useful and I think we’re well on our way now. Apples are still bewildering, though…