Creating award certificates need better words.

I need to create 3 award certificates for an archery related event. One of the awards will be an achievement award for meeting a certain criteria instead of a winners certificate. I just need better words than I seem to be coming up with

I will write it in my words and please feel free to make suggestions.

                                 Excellence Award???  

This is to certify that John Jones has achieved a craftsman’s level of excellence in the Broadhead challenge by surpassing the 190 yard required goal.???

Date_________ Distance_________ Bow___________________


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What about, at the top, just “Award” instead of Excellence Award? I’m no archer, but I don’t think just getting past a distance qualifies for excellence. Otherwise, there’s no room left for more excellent excellence. (Excellence necessarily always means performance superior to everyone else’s, never just “Good Job”.)

Similarly, remove the “of excellence” in the smaller text.

Is there anything wrong with the rest of what you have? I don’t think there is.

Certificates with simple wording are usually better. They’re for admiring, not for spending time reading.

John Jones done shot arrow far. Thumbs up!

More seriously how about:

John Jones is hereby certified as a craftsman of the broadhead challenge by surpassing 190 yards

Would proficiency award be better than excellence. I want something slightly stronger than profiency but don’t really care for the word excellence here.

How about mastery?

I was wrong. Excellence can also be beyond the standard, beyond expectations. Three bull’s eyes in a row is excellence even if no one else is around. But “making the grade” is never excellence - they live on opposite sides of the fence.

Make sure that everyone who deserves this certificate receives it. (Like, those who get a winner’s certificate and also successfully shot that distance should get this certificate in addition, unless they had already surpassed the distance at an earlier tournament or whatever.) Otherwise it looks like a booby prize for those who didn’t win anything else.

I expect a lot of the guys will be getting this award but it still takes a very well made bow to achieve this. 20 years ago it would have been a world record. I would equate it with running the 100 yard dash in under 11 seconds, or bowling a 200 game, golfing a 6 over par.

Oh it’s bow making! Well then please throw out my ignorant comments.

i thought your comments were fine. It steered me in the right direction anyway.

craftsman’s level of expertise.

“Award of merit”

“for Outstanding Achievement”

“for reaching the level of …”
“for surpassing the level of …”

That does sound better than what I have, I like the word achievement in there.

Certificate Of Achievement

John Jones
has reached the level of Craftsman
in the Broadhead challenge
for surpassing the 190 yard required goal

Excellence Award
Be it known to all that John Jones attained the level of “Excellence in Craftsmanship” by exceeding 190 yard flight distance in the Broadhead Challenge at the 134th annual HoneyBadger Archery Challenge.

This 13th day of April, 2018
In hac atre sagittariorum
(rough Latin translation of “Excellence in archery” as a nod to the history of the craft)

All of these are much better suggestions than the certificate I was issued 5 years back by my childrens’ school district after I completed an online sexual predator & inappropriate behavior reporting requirement course before I was allowed to volunteer in the school. I just looked up the wording to make sure I had it correct (punctuation and capitalization are as in the document/certificate):
Award of Excellence

Presented to: Disheavel McDisheavel
The School Community’s Role in Prevention and Response.

February 23, 2014 Disheavelton Public Schools


I immediately reached out to the school district about adding a word or two (perhaps EDUCATION)- and they were amused primarily because no one had commented in the previous 3 years!!!
Sorry to add my anecdote other than to make sure that your awards have better word usage than mine.

You make a good point. I want to make the award as meaningful as possible and understandable.

I hope it helps if I list the ascending levels of crafting skill in the LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) game, especially as they are based on medieval guilds:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Artisan
  • Master
  • Supreme

Everything in Blue, below, should be centered horizonally…

Certificate of Achievement

Witnesseth Hereto


hath demonstrated a

level of bowyer’s skills
by crafting a bow which
was entered in the
**Broadhead Challenge **
and launched a
broadhead-tipped arrow
at least
_____ yards (____ meters)

on this
____ Day of _____ in the year ______

at the


HoneybadgerDC - Event Official

[Note, it’s not an award - given at the whim of a celebrity or authority. It’s a certificate - it commemorates an earned achievement, a publicized/standardized goal that has been met by certain individuals.]