Creating more ignorance, the SDMB

There’s enough ignorance in the world without having to create more. Please DON’T START URBAN LEGENDS.

One would think that that’d be a given.

I agree. My cousin’s friend’s mother’s ex-fiance once started an urban legend. He was severely beaten, and now he has to be hooked up to a life support machine for the rest of his life!

E-mail this to everyone you know!

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as urban legends.

Next time, why don’t you check Snopes before you start stupid threads?

Actually, a year or so ago somebody made a “Create an Urban Legend” thread; he took suggestions for a while of something he was going to plant on a message board somewhere and see how long it took to become nation-wide legend.

I’d tell you what it was, but it would spoil the exercise and I don’t remember it anyway.

START why on earth didn’t you sent this warning to GW Bush and the whole lot that not only started extremely deadly urban legends, but even when they are proved to be urban legends still try to defend them .
Salaam. A

Sorry, replace here START with OP.

By the way: you can also sent that warning to Tony Blair and his crew.

Question: Is there some scale on which the danger going out from starting urban legends is measured because in that case the GW Bush/T. Blair team beats all the records.
Salaam. A

I had a long response typed out for this, instead, I decided to delete it and just have " :rolleyes: ". Sums it all up.

OMG, that’s terrible! I have a garbage bag full of Coke can tabs if you think that’ll help.

You know, just yesterday, I was making a call on a pay phone. When I was, done, I checked the coin slot, and there was an urban legend in it! I think it gave me AIDS.

Sam Phillips has a sexy voice.

But strangely enough…it doesn’t echo…

Sounds like something a person would say after they woke up in a seedy motel bathtub that was full of ice…

Even sorrier, please replace RANT with something intelligible.

Ever hear about those people whose cactus started quivering, then exploded and hundreds of Aldebarans started pouring out?

I heard Tony Blair actually played a poodle in a college theater show. He played the mate Lassie couldn’t have. In his junior year, he and GWB drove a Tiumph into the Thames.

  1. Start Urban Legend
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT!!!

I agree completely with the OP here. :cool: