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I don’t get it. It looks like every science fair I’ve ever seen, except for the verses written on the bottom.

Featuring such gems as:

“Thermodynamics of Hell Fire”
“Women Were Designed for Homemaking”

Wow. Just wow. :eek:

Link of flabbergastation.

“Dear Lord, please allow the bacteria in Group A to unlock the antibiotic-resistant genes that You saw fit to give them at the time of Creation. Amen.”

Many gems of stupidity here! Perhaps this belongs in the pit. With budding geniuses like these, I can see that all our scientific questions will soon be answered! :rolleyes:

Poe’s Law. Gotta be parody.

Landover Baptist … definitely satire

Yeah, it’s a parody.

“Geocentrism: Politically Incorrect”?

Even the fundiest of the fundies have rejected geocentrism. Oh, sure, there may be a few nutcases on the fringe that haven’t, but the vast majority have.

But once again, the parody comes so close to reality that it’s hard to tell the difference. I got suspicious when I saw the praying-at-bacteria one, but after seeing the geocentrism one, it was pretty obvious.

2008 Science Fair pics - look at the exhibit about fossils. Look at the right panel.

The hypothesis asks if "Did People Live at the Same Time as Dinosaurs?

You then have the infamous pic of the dino tracks and the human tracks inter-mixed

Answer “Yes”

Blue Ribbon award

I’m curious what the project entitled “Mousetrap Reduced To Pile Of Functionless Parts” was supposed to prove (it was an honorable mention so no summary is given.) That the student in question owns a pair of pliers? That machines are made of parts? And how can you say that those parts are “functionless”? I’m sure some of them would make nice paperweights. (Not to mention the function of being assemble-able into a mousetrap.)

Also of note “The Bible Says Creation” by fifth grader Aaron Kent thus proving the valuable scientific point that Aaron Kent can read.

As a Christian, I really hope that this is satire. I’m positively sick of people like being the overly vocal minority among Christians and making us all look like idiots.

Something reference to Irreducible Complexity, probably.

They have the same registration info on whois.

How the hell could you even read that? I only figured it out by looking real close and I only looked that close because you mentioned it. Actually, without being able to read what is below the “Did people live at the same time as dinosaurs” I can’t tell if it’s a creationist project or not.

I merged two threads, so the conversation above may be a little muddled. God willing, y’all can figure it out.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator.

ETA: Oops, my bad – looks like astro’s link is to a legit, albeit misguided, home-schooling site, whereas Stan Shmenge’s is to Westover Baptist, which is a satire site. Ah well, guess I’ll burn in hell for that mistake.

No, you’re much too sweet for hell. It’s a straight line to heaven for you Twickster.

Stan Shmenge’s has to be a parody - I can’t believe even Fred Phelps would put up something like that, but I do love this argument!

This is why I don’t do drugs anymore. It’s gotten too hard to tell the difference anyway.

You live in East Falls, so you get a pass.

“Patricia also prayed to God not to do anything miraculous during the course of the experiment, so as not to disqualify the findings.”

ANYTHING Miraculous? That’s a little broad and overbearing. Let’s hope God isn’t a literal genie who decided not to save someone’s grandpa because of her little science experiment.

Strewth, that’s a good point - I mean, don’t they consider LIFE ITSELF to be a miracle?? Those arrogant creationists may DOOM US ALL with their ill-thought out praying!!! Have They have NO REGARD AT ALL for the possible consequences??? Someone should stop them!!!

It’s a reference to a common analogy used by ID proponents as an illustration of irreducible complexity. The reasoning is that if you remove one element of the mousetrap, it’s useless. They then try to find examples of irredicible complexity in biology in order to argue that they couldn’t have evolved. They have had no success in actually finding any genuine examples of IC in biology, but that doesn’t stop them from making false claims that things like eyeballs and wings are irreducibly complex.