Creationism in the Comics

Hi - I just got around to reading the Sunday (March 14th) funny pages. I don’t suppose I should have been suprised to see the BC comic which, to me anyway, seemed to be anti-evolution. I’ve never been wild about this strip, but this puts it on my must avoid list.

Not to flame you, or make this into some form of GD, but why?

I routinely encounter comics (stand-up variety) and comic strips that make jokes at the expense of political or religious beliefs I share or do not share. For example:

Bill Maher - 50% of the time I think he is just an idiot. :smiley: 25% of the time he makes a joke at the expense of conservatives or Christianity that I think is funny. 25% of the time he makes jokes at the expense of liberals or Islam (just an example of a contrasting religious belief, not a literal example) that I think is funny.

Doonsebury - This one makes me laugh regardless if the target is GWB, Kerry, Religion, etc.

Sometimes funny is funny and other times it is not. If you didn’t think it was funny, well that is the nature of humor. To “avoid” something because it presented a contrary view than you hold just seems rather close-minded and lacking some perspective.


Just out of curiosity, had you been enjoying B.C. before? The strip has been overtly religious for years and years. If you’re not keen on that notion, don’t read it.

Heck, I am a religious person and I don’t read it. I think he lost the funny years ago.

Hi MeanJoe: Thanks - You are right - My original post came off as way too closed minded. I really don’t mind humor or opinion that disagrees with my political beliefs. (I draw the line at racist, sexist, mean-spirited humor). But I still don’t enjoy seeing ignorant anti-evolutionism in the comics pages.

I thought the correct term was “creationism.” Doesn’t “anti-evolutionism” connote that evolutionism came first, and creationism is trying to take its place? Seems like it’s the other way around.

I’ll give Hart a little credit though. Occasionally, when his strips aren’t preachy they’re still funny. Occasionally.

And the last panel of that Sunday strip was amusing.