Creative job-searching tips?

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I’m not much of a threadstarter, so I’m a little nervous, but my husband and I would really appreciate some opinions/tips. And, there are probably plenty of you out there who might find this useful, as well.

My husband is looking for jobs, having been out of work for a vast majority of the past year. He’s applied to many, many jobs over the past couple of months and hasn’t received a word from any. We’d like to know if anyone has ideas for creative strategies, ideas of types of companies to look into (or even specific places if you’re in the area), types of jobs, or good websites we haven’t thought of.

Here’s a bit about our situation/background…

My husband is 22 and has had three full-time jobs: a retail job (age 18-20), a call center job (20-21) and a temp job at an insurance company (ended 2 months ago). He has his GED and has just started taking college classes this semester - just one right now.

We’re having a lot of trouble finding jobs that he is qualified for (even retail jobs seem to be getting snapped up fast). Most job ads we look at that we even halfway think he might be qualified for turn out to require special training, college degrees, and/or more years of experience than he’s been an adult at this point!

Now that I’m in a PhD program, I’m not allowed to have a job and my stipend is $11,000 a year. It’s getting really hard to support us both on that. I’ve often considered getting a secret job, but it really isn’t feasible, since a clinical psych PhD is like having several jobs at once.

Does anyone have any ideas that we could try? We’ve looked on specific companies’ websites, the big job websites (e.g. Careerbuilder), searched into specific industries and contact companies in the area, we ask around. He’s still registered with the temp agency and bugs them regularly, but they always say they’ll call him if they have anything. We’ve tried other avenues as well… I can’t even remember them all.

For reference, we live in the Akron, OH area. Thanks!

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