Creator of Nigel Shiftright dies (car guy stuff)

Phil Frank, the guy that created the character Nigel Shiftright for Road and Track, has passed away. Like Nigel, Phil owned an MG-TC so he drew of what he knew. If you were a fan of Nigel Shiftright the links below will bring back a familiar smile, if you have never had the pleasure of reading about Nigel, enjoy.
I never had a chance to meet Phil, but my life is richer from the enjoyment of his work.

A copy of some of Phil’s work
Every April Road and Track does an April’s fools road test. In 2006 they tested Nigel’s Shiftright Special
Make sure you read the road test data panel (PDF!)

I never got into R&T other than several '60s-vintage issues, most of which have articles on you-know-what. I don’t recall ever seeing Nigel Shiftright.

I’ll give it a read. :slight_smile:

And we’re supposed to have sun tomorrow, so I think I’ll get the ol’ roadster out.

Aw man!

The Nigel Shiftwright cartoon and Peter Egan’s columns (and any other stories he happens to write) are just about the only reason I continue to subscribe to R&T.

Alll to often the rest of the magazine seems to exist just so they can wallow in early 50’s nostalgia.