Who is 'The Stig'? (UK:Top Gear)

Tiff Needel?

Steve Coogan?

Colin Mcrae?


A damn good driver :smiley:

Is it you?? :eek:

Stig O’Hara of the Rutles? Last I heard, he was a stewardess for Air India.

I always thought it was Tiff. But here I find:


Are you wooshing me jjimm?? :dubious:

Sadly, I’m noname , not no one :frowning:

Wait. you did not see me ask that.

Strong rumour has it that the Stig, or at least one of them, is racing driver Perry McCarthy.

Incidentally, am I the only person who for years honestly thought that the Top Gear co-presenter was called Tiffany Dell, rather than Tiff Needell?

Just to back up the Perry McCarthy claim, check this this website out. Kind of odd that they blab about it.

I think there have been at least three Stigs. First Stig retired, “killed off” in Jag wreck, Perry McCarthy was the second Stig, and he isn’t the Stig any more (if I recall an interview on the radio correctly). Some say that there have been two Stigs working on the same series - sometimes it’d be Perry McC, sometimes it’d be another bloke.

No idea who the current Stig is.

Place your bets on Jimmy Carr for the next Stig… :wink: