Credit card slips with card # and expiry date?

I live in Toronto, CANADA and have noticed that our credit card receipts show our credit card number and the expiry date and sometimes even our name on them.
When I have travelled in the US I have noticed that this information does not appear on the slips I receive from the merchants.
I feel that this is very dangerous for us all and because of that I always destroy my receipts from the merchants.
How is it that the American merchants do not show this imformation on the slips?
Also I have noticed in Toronto that merchants that accept direct deduction from my bank account with a Bank card (Interac) have recently started to say that people must make a minimum purchase to use such card.
I think this is against their contract with the bank and people should start reporting these merchants to the member bank.

I honestly think these establishments are just getting greedy.

Anyone have any thoughts on these two topics?

I think the reasons these things go on in Canada is because to many people put up with it, but not me I complain to the bank every time I notice it happening. Does everyone else?

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It depends on the merchant. For instance, if I use my CC to buy gas at Texaco, the slip that is printed out only has the first 4 digits of my CC, followed by a series of Xes. Sunoco, on the other hand, prints out all the digits.

All you have to do is make sure you always get the receipt, and hold on to it.

The reason American banks (and restaurants and stores, etc.) don’t show that info on the slips is because (as you pointed out) it makes it too easy for criminals. I’m frankly astonished that your banks still do. (Memo to self: Move to Canada before embarking on a life of crime.)

It’s generally market-driven rather than legislated – American consumers just won’t use their cards if that protection isn’t offered. So the card companies are pretty quick to make it right.

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Pluto’s right!

In my less…ummm…civilized days, we used to ‘dumpster dive’ behind music and department stores, looking for credit card receipts and mail order things to vacant houses in the neighborhood, leaving a slip on the door of the house with a fake signature (in the cardholder’s name) explaining that we were just moving in, and were sorry we missed him, etc.

Years later, now that I’m a regular, honest grown up adult, I tear up all credit card receipts by habit (whether it prints all the numbers or not) and ALWAYS check my statements thoroughly to make sure some younger version of me isn’t trying to rip me off.

I thank you all for your imput and would like any other experiences the millions have.
Does anyone know how to stop this from happening.

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I’m not conceited, I’m convinced!
The only stupid question is the one YOU do not ask !!

Unfortunately, while you don’t want to make it easy to get to a cc number they are terribly easy to get. Go to any hotel garbage and I guarantee you will find report after report with cc numbers intact.

As a Res Mgr in my last job every day I would get a full report of every guest and their room number balance and you guessed it CC#. We looked it over and tossed it. I’ve never worked in any hotel where we even had a shredder.

And if worse comes to worse slip some guy 20.00 and I bet he’ll get you all the CC#'s. (Of course a guy who works in a resturaunt or retail)

Unless you have signed for something the CC company is hard pressed to make you pay. Try it. Go to the pump at say Mobil and run your card throgh then dispute it. I know people that do this. They don’t pay.

Many thanks for all your comments.
I know this goes on everywhere and one way for me to avoid getting stung is I always check my bill every month very closely, but what really pisses me off is that people in Canada put up with this non-sense.
It would be very simple for the merchants to do this but they are just too lazy.

If there are more Canadians here make sure you complain to your bank as I have done.

Another neat thing I just heard about CC is that Royal Bank now has a small magnifying glass on the CC itself so when you sign your slip you can now use the card to see what your signing. Neat idea eh long time coming though, but all good things come to those that wait.

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I’m not conceited, I’m convinced!
The only stupid question is the one YOU do not ask !!

Still looking for other opinions on this topic.
And does anyone have any ideas on stopping the merchants from doing this in Canada.
I realize the best way would be for everyone in Canada to complain to the banks but that’s like fighting city hall.

Well, the bank doesn’t print the slip. The merchant does. Regardless of what authorization information gets sent over the wire, it is up to the merchant’s computer system to print the ticket. Now, it is probably the case that these machines are all sold by a handful of networks, and all operate the same way so the merchants may have little choice if they want to stay compatible with the canuck banking system.

I don’t know what its like in Canada, but here in the States every city has at least one TV station that tries to paint itself as the consumer crusader and will do stories about this kind of stuff all the time. My advice would be to write letters to the station to try to get the story run - and then the day after it runs do a petition drive. Send the petitions to the city banks and your legislature and see what happens. Can’t hurt.

re: the other half of the question. banks slap a charge on merchants as well as consumers when they use interac, visa etc. if you come in and want to charge your single pint of beer or your two dollar key ring on a credit card, we know your a loser and we don’t need your business. most stores and restaurants are a penny-ante game to begin with, if we have to kill ourselves making you happy over a less than ten dolllar sale it’s just not worth our while…was that too harsh?

Good point Media, but lets be fair, if you display the symbol that you take it, then take it! If you want to draw people into the store to buy stuff while displaying Visa, Mastercard etc. then you can’t choose what you will let the consumer buy. Merchants can’t have it both ways “Oh if you buy something for $100 I’ll take your Visa”
If the merchant doesn’t wanna take Visa, Interac then take the damn sign down.
I think it’s just pure greed by the stores in Toronto now, they want to draw you into the store then do everything they can to make you pay cash.

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I’m not conceited, I’m convinced!
The only stupid question is the one YOU do not ask !!

“I think it’s just pure greed by the stores in Toronto now”

Hi! Welcome to the real world! I’ll be your guide for today!

Lesson One:
In the real world - businesses only exist to make a profit!

Lesson 2 - Look up the word greed.

We all understand profit but pure greed is another thing.
I guess you’re just not getting the point.
Scroll up…

Please feel free to email me.
I’m not conceited, I’m convinced!
The only stupid question is the one YOU do not ask !!