Credit crunching wedding.

I don’t know what to say other than that I hate the Daily Mail.

The mother’s get-up is worse than the bride’s.

C’mon- lives in a caravan, surfaces driveways for a living, two generations of teenage weddings, tack-o-rama with the outfits…you know it’s cultural.
Irish Travellers are all about the big statement wedding.

Is this a weird new season of “The Riches”?

Yep, did you see that show on RTE last year about the Debs? There was a lovely Traveller girl from Dundalk on it and they made such a big deal of it, spent hundreds on it. I’m of the opinion that if it makes them happy and they can afford it, why not? It’s not my cup of tea but plenty of things aren’t.

What’s an ‘Irish Traveller’?

They’re itinerants who live in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere. They’re similar to gypsies but they are of Irish origin, usually Roman Catholic in faith.

Ever see the movie ‘Snatch?’ Brad Pitt’s character and his family.

You know, I’ve visited a lot of “awful wedding dress” sites, and yet I can honestly say that that is the trashiest-looking wedding dress I have ever seen.

You’d think for that kind of money they could afford a whole dress.

Oh. My. God.

I was stunned, reading the article. In retrospect, I think it’s a bit odd that the one thing that made me wince the most was the fact that she’s just days past her 16th birthday made me wince.

Young marriage is pretty much standard in the Travelling Community.

I like this bit:

At least the meeting place was also appropriately lowbrow and trashy.

At the risk of making a politically incorrect statement, does a driveway surfacer make enough money legally to pay for all that?

And, holy crap, what a steaming pile of shit! This all offends my Mennonite sensibilities mightily (and that’s cultural, too). I like mom’s GG cup bra as a mother-of-the-bride dress. Extreme Trashy as a culture. Interesting.

How much is that in US dollars?


That’s what someone said in the comments too–is it really true? Obviously her parents were quite young when they married too–but the tackiness?

the tackiness:D
[Racism]Generally these weddings end with various people beating the shite out of each other, and wrecking the place. Every few months there is a story about a publican getting sued because he wouldn’t rent his premises for a traveller wedding.[/racism]

Tackiness is nothing.

[pc police] By “gypsies” you refer to the Roma?[/pc police*]

*Seriously. Gypsies is considered a racial slur.

Well, it’s not so much tacky.
Travellers like their dress-up clothes to be shiny, glittery, sparkly, embellished and brightly coloured, so you know that they’re really, really happy. That can look trashy to the rest of us.

Since the only time that it is culturally acceptable for Traveller women to show off their figures is at weddings and big celebrations (and remember, most are married before they hit 20) the dresses tend to be on the skimpy side too.

Think of it like Hallowe’en- a day you get to dress outrageously and no-one can say a word about it.

I think the article was unnecessarily snide.
If the bride and groom are happy, the parents are happy and everyone had a nice time, who the fuck cares how much it cost? The same people who gasp at the tackiness of that will have ooh’ed and aah’ed over Jordan’s or Britney’sweddings.