Credit/debit card expiry dates: Inclusive or exclusive

Simple question, mostly in the title: For credit and debit cards (specificially in the UK if it makes a difference) are the expiry dates inclusive or exclusive?

mine’s inclusive. says on the card Expires End mm/yy

Same here. Inclusive.

I’ve got two debit cards (both Visa), both say “expires end [mm/yy]”.

My Discover card says “Valid thru 08/08”. That clearly means until the end of August, '08.

My MasterCard says “valid dates 12/03-10/05”. That’s not so clear, but they’ll send me a new card before it runs out.

Related question : I just got a replacement Visa was my previous card was set to expire at the end of this month. Anyone know if I need to go tell Amazon about the new expiration date, or will they figure it out on their own, or after the account is verified, do they even care?

I had to verify this when we started accepting credit cards at work. Expiry is at the end of the month.

When you attempt to apply your purchase to this card, you will encounter a screen informing you that your card is expired. You’ll have to update the expiration date for your card yourself.

Feh. That’s easy enough on Amazon, but it will be a pain for my webhosting service provider. Oh well. Thanks.

I’ve heard that, since most people don’t remember to update the myriad monthly-charging services they have, many providers just increment the expiry date by 2 or 3 years (whatever the usual amount is) and things just keep working.

They’ll likely send you an e-mail the first time it doesn’t go through… usually an easy change.

I have three different cards.

All say “Good Thru.” mm/yr

“What’s in your wallet/”

This is an unethical (and maybe even illegal) practice; I’d be very leary of giving my credit/debit card number(s) to any company that engages in this. If a person cancels their card at the end of a term, and the issuer of the card sees companies attempting to continue to apply charges to that account number, the issuer might start thinking “fraud.”