Credit Card expiration: Do you get that month?

If the expiration date of credit card is July of 2006, does it expire on July 1st or August 1st?

I would go for July 31st. On August 1st it has already expired.


I would say it’s usually a moot point, since credit card companies usually send renewal cards way in advance of the expiration date. If you aren’t renewing, it might be important, but if they aren’t renewing, I would think they would yank the card as soon as they decided not to renew you.

Not a moot point in my experience. I normally get a new card about 2 weeks before the old one expires. i.e., in the middle of the expirey month.

You should receive a new card with a new expiration date by mid July.
You have to call a number on a sticker on the new card to activate the new expiration date.
The cut up the OLD card to destroy the mag-strip, embossed numbers etc.
Even to the point of putting a few pieces in a defferent trash bag till they are gone. Just in cases of paranoia. :rolleyes:

The problem is, actually, it’s my girlfriend’s card. She’s been living abroad for two years, and her card expires in 07/06 and she’s returning home in mid-07/06. So it looks like her new card (if things are done the same in Taiwan) will be arriving about the same time that she gets home.

Some of my credit cards say “expires on the last day of XX/XX” or “expires XX/31/XXXX”
Yes you get the month, but sometimes you have to convince the clerk of that fact.

Most clerks don’t look at this at all. Or your signature, either – most hand the card back to you while the slip for your signature is still printing, and never compare the signatures at all.

A few years ago, I was travelling a lot on business, and didn’t get to the mail with the new credit card for some time. I continued to use the old one for several weeks after it ‘expired’, with no problems at all.