Credit Cards: What's The Latest Expiration Date?

What’s the latest expiration date a credit card can have? So if someone bought one today, when would be the latest it would expire?

Bonus Q: Are all expirations equal in length, or do they differ from card to card?

I have a Staples credit card that expires in 2025. You probably mean Visa or MasterCard, though, right?

Sorry, I should have specified. Yes, I meant Visa and Mastercard.

Hmm out of the 50 or so CC’s i have on file for my customers, the latest is 10/2008. Most seem to have a 2 year expiration, though. All the folks we’ve had to get new card info from (because theirs expired) are expiring in 12-14 months.

You don’t buy a credit card. :rolleyes:

You sign away your future!

In my experience as a CC user, 95+ % of all credit cards have a 2-3 year lifespan cycle re expire dates. A heavily used card is probably going to be pretty beat up at the end of 3 years and would need to be replaced anyway.

I have a Mastercard, which the bank re-issues in two year cycles. I also have a corporate Diners Club card, which runs on three year cycles.