Creep - Excellent scary movie

Watched this on Netflix last night. I don’t want to spoil it, but it was quite enjoyable, as far as “found footage” movies go. I recommend it if you like thrills that aren’t full of blood and guts. It’s the kind of movie that gets in your head, and follows you around.

True story: I had an alarm set on my tablet for something. Right at the crucial moment, the alarm went off, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. :slight_smile:

Watched this last night also. Definitely worth a viewing for horror movie fans. Creepy but not gory.

I watched it a few days ago. I think I liked it. It was well-done, plenty creepy, a little twist or two. But the things that bother me a little are the trendy POV/home video thing (like nearly all such films I can’t help but think in certain parts why would someone record some of these moments in the first place), and lots of jump scares. I have to say they were pretty effective, and a few of them did cause me to jump, but they feel a little cheap and disappointing afterward. Not a huge fan of jump scares.

That said, the performances were excellent, and it was creepy and fun to watch. I liked the ending.No “good guy fights to his last breath and finally overcomes” typical of slasher movies. Just a literal nightmare of seeming to be safe and never seeing it coming.

I don’t know, I was expecting something more… unexpected. A twist, or just something weird. Instead the ending happened pretty much exactly the way it had been set up to happen, and I was just left thinking, “that’s it?”.

For a minute I thought the videographer would turn out to be the actual creep, when he drugged the other guy and pickpocketed his cell phone, but no.

I was surprised how much I liked it.

I normally *hate *slow-moving movies. I’m a Michael Bey kind of movie fan: give me action! But this one, despite how slowly it moved, maintained the kind of tension that you could cut with an ax, and it kept even me and my short attention span on edge.

I credit the actors and their chemistry: they managed to keep me engaged, despite the lack of anything actually happening. The pregnant possibilities that hung in the air kept me on the edge of my seat. A true indie tour de force.

I won’t read the thread in case there are any spoilers. I read the OP. Thanks for the tip, Anaamika, I’ll look for it. I won’t read any of the thread until I’ve seen the movie. It might be a while.

Fair enough; adding it to my queue now.

I don’t generally tend to like movies that have no women, but I do love me some horror and I’m also a big fan of Mark Duplass, so will give it a shot.

Not reading the thread and won’t til I watch it, but fair warning that if I don’t like this chick-free movie I’m gonna come back angry!

EDIT: To clarify, it’s this movie, right? Netflix DVD doesn’t have it yet and it’s listed as comedy, so figured I’d make sure. There’s also this one, which is listed as horror, so I’m not sure…

It’s the first one. I guess there are some uncomfortable comic moments, but I would never label it comedy.

Haven’t seen it myself, but Wikipedia describes it as “a found footage horror comedy film.”

I took that as the point. Who is the creep, really? It’s left for the viewer to decide. When our hero calls the cops,

Why didn’t he take all of the evidence, like any normal person would have? Why not go immediately? Why did he drug the food? How did he just happen to have drugs with him?

That’s really why I liked it.

I think it’s labeled everywhere as a comedy/horror movie. I personally wouldn’t label it that way. While it does have some funny-ish moments, the comedy label makes me think of something like Tucker and Dale or Shaun of the Dead, but that’s just me.

The word comedy was given a new definition by the film industry in order to bring us into the 21st century:

  1. the movie has drug use and fart jokes.
  2. the movie is a romance, but you should make your boyfriend watch it with you.
  3. it’s an independent production without a marketing budget. This opens up a lot of possibilities for comedies about subjects like depressed people losing their jobs and committing suicide.

Anyway… I may have to give Creep a try. I tend to like slow moving horror, but I have yet to find a found-footage movie that I thought was good. Europa Report, also horror, is the best one so far, by the way. Had it been shot normally, it would have been amazing.

I watched it based ya’ll’s positive reviews. It creeped me out in the same way that all movies about stalkers creep me out, because stalkers are real-live monsters.

I thought it was just okay, though.

I don’t know if you are posting about Netflix DVD or streaming, but this movie is not available on streaming. I was really disappointed because it sounds like a movie that’s right up my alley.

It’s available for streaming in the US:

Just want to say thanks for turning us on to this, Anaamika. I watched it over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Like others, I could live without jump scares but these were less obnoxious because at least you didn’t have loud bursts of music accompanying them.

This is exactly the kind of gem that I’m always searching for. If anyone has a recommendation for a good creepy movie, perhaps something you stumbled upon that we might not have heard of, please share!I’m already planning on checking out **dracoi’s **mention, Europa Report.

I tried this weekend, but couldn’t get more than about halfway through Creep. The cheap surprise scares just highlight the fact that the movie doesn’t have enough momentum of its own, and the found-footage format is just too annoying for me to hold on in case there’s a payoff at the end.

Another slow-moving but tension-filled horror movie I’ve really liked lately was “The Babadook.” Also on Netflix Streaming.

Good one. I’ve seen it - I actually just purchased a copy for my collection - but this a great one for anyone who enjoys atmospheric, creepy, dread filled type horror.

If looking for recommendations, current movies I’ve seen recently via Netflix DVD that I quite liked:

As Above, So Below (Horror)
An expedition into the catacombs underneath Paris starts off badly and does downhill from there. I loved this movie, though I can’t say it’s an objectively great movie. (A good one, for sure.)

Honeymoon (Horror)
Never spend your honeymoon in an isolated cabin in the woods with nobody else around. Just so wrong.

Time Lapse (Thriller, sci-fi)
Very cool suspense about three friends who discover a camera that takes pictures 24 hours into the future. The implications are obvious at first but become more subtle as things progress.

Extraterrestrial (Horror, sci-fi)
Low-budget movie about the classic Grey aliens. The filmmakers totally went for it, and I thought it came together nicely. My judgement may be clouded because I’m a sucker for commentary tracks, and the commentary for this was engaging and fun.

Also Oculus, but that’s kind of old, released way back in 2013. (heh) If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it ahead of everything else in this list.